Amazon Rivals React Overnight To Match Prime Day Deals - Prime Day 2 Review - United Kingdom

Adding an extra half day to the length of last year’s sale, Amazon’s Prime Day continues today with a second day of deals.

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On the face of it, there hasn’t been much change on the pricing and promotions front overnight. The Echo Dot is still one of the most prominent deals. 

The Echo Show 5 slips slightly and is replaced with the Kindle Paperwhite. It has been promoted on both days of Prime Day for £79.99, its lowest ever price. Prior to this, it’s lowest price was £89.99 on Cyber Monday last year - the first day the product was released.

Prime Day 1

Amazon website 16 July 2019 (9am)


Amazon is focusing its key deal positions on Home Appliances with deals on Karcher, Miele and Gtech. However, some of these deals are not as attractive as they seem.

Both Kärcher pressure washers were cheaper over the Black Friday weekend in 2017. However the biggest price difference was on the Bissell CrossWave 3 in 1 Multi-Surface Cleaner which was 16 percent cheaper over the Black Friday weekend of 2016. It was also cheaper on Prime Day last year.

Did Amazon’s rivals respond overnight?

With only a few exceptions, Amazon threw the gauntlet down to its rivals with some of its lowest ever prices. We predicted that some retailers would respond with price cuts overnight.

Looking at some of the key promoted categories, we can see that Currys has made the most price reductions overnight, mostly in the Tablet category, where it lowered the price of 14.4 percent of its range. Very focused its price cuts on Televisions, with 7.7 percent of its range falling in price. Argos and John Lewis made comparatively few changes.

All of Currys reductions on tablets were on iPads. This was a clear response to Amazon Prime Day deals: most of the iPads Currys reduced now match the Amazon Prime Day deal price.

Prime Day 2

Amazon and Currys websites 16 July 2019 (12pm)


Very appears to have done the same in the Televisions category, reducing the prices of LG and Sony models overnight to match Amazon. In response, Amazon has reduced the pricing further in some instances.

Prime Day 3

Amazon and Currys websites 16 July 2019 (12pm)


Which categories had the most price cuts?

To understand retailers deals across both days of Prime Day, we have looked at all the price reductions since 11 July.

All of the retailers, except Currys, reduced the most prices on Televisions. The reductions on iPads led to Tablets being the most reduced category on Currys. Very had the highest average percentage of range with price cuts while Argos had the smallest.

Argos and Currys focused their price reductions on Samsung Televisions while Very reduced the price of almost half of its Television range. This can be seen as a more direct challenge to Amazon as Sony Televisions were also one of the most promoted on Amazon. LG Televisions were less promoted across all retailers except John Lewis, where it was most promoted.

Retailers have made attempts to challenge the might of Amazon during Prime Day with Currys and Very leading the charge. However, Amazon’s size and rapid response makes it difficult to compete directly, as Very will have found on it’s Sony Television deals.

The growing global presence, extended deal times and aggressive pricing tactics look set to ensure that Amazon will continue its year-on-year tradition of having its best Prime Day ever.


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