Can Amazon be Challenged on Prime Day? - Day 1 Round-up: United Kingdom

Amazon has once again gone bigger on Prime Day. Last year it increased the duration of the sale from 30 to 36 hours; this year it runs to no less than 48.

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Last year’s Prime Day was Amazon’s ‘biggest ever’ with over 100 million products sold worldwide. This year’s looks set to surpass that with Amazon extending the reach to 18 countries with the addition of the United Arab Emirates.

This year, Amazon promised “the biggest Prime Day deals ever on Alexa-enabled devices”.  Just two months before the event, it released the all new Fire 7 and Fire 7 Kids tablets. Amazon devices are always in its top best-selling items and this year is no exception.


Amazon aggressively undercuts rivals

Amazon’s top deal this year was on the new Echo Show 5. This product was introduced to help better rival Google’s Nest Home Hub, although the Echo Show has a 5.5 inch screen versus the 7 inch screen of its rival.

Amazon vastly undercut its rival with the Echo Show available for £49.99 compared to £79 for the Google Nest Home Hub (Argos, Currys, John Lewis etc).


Amazon website 15 July 2019 (12pm)         Argos website 15 July 2019 (12pm)


Last year, we observed that eBay actually had the lowest price for popular Google products.  Savvy shoppers this year again will have found a better deal on eBay than the likes of Argos, Currys, John Lewis etc.

For the same price as the Google Nest Home Hub alone, a shopper could have got a free Chromecast if they bought it on eBay. The equivalent bundle through other retailers would have cost at least £95 (Argos).


eBay Website 15 July 2019 (12pm)


Amazon looks set to beat Google on Day One of Prime Day Sale

As in previous years, Google has teamed up with Amazon’s rivals to counter the etailer’s stranglehold. Currys and Very advertised the partnership with Google on their homepages.

Currys website 15 July 2019 (12pm)


However, Amazon seems to have them all beat on price. The Amazon Echo was 7% cheaper than the Google Home Hub (£54.99 v £59) and the Amazon Echo Dot was 8% cheaper than the Google Home Mini (£22 v £24).

New lightning deals feature on Prime Day

Lightning deals feature for the first time this year on the Amazon UK site during Prime Day. Products such as the KitchenAid Classic Stand Mixer feature on the top banner of the Prime Day deals page.

Amazon also had a number of lightning deals on major brands such as Apple, Samsung and Garmin at the top of the deals page. Comparing prices of these products shows Amazon has undercut everyone, even though some of the products were also promoted by rivals. 

Last year’s best-selling product in the UK was the Bosch PSB 1800 Cordless Drill.  It was again promoted this year at £49.99, £5 less than Prime Day 2018.

As with previous years, we have found deals that are not as good as they might seem at first glance. Each retailer has a number of products positioned as prominent deals, yet these could have been purchased at a lower price earlier in the year. 

In the case of the Garmin vivosport on John Lewis, it was £10 just three weeks before Prime Day.

What can we expect tomorrow?

We are not expecting a huge change in deals tomorrow with many extending across both days of the sale. However, the Echo Spot was conspicuously missing from the Prime Day deals page, so this may be added tomorrow; on the other hand, it may have been deliberately omitted to ensure maximum attention is reserved for the Echo Show 5 deal.

Rivals of Amazon that are monitoring the pricing of the Prime Day deals, particularly major brands, may make adjustments overnight.


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