No Man is an Island - API Integration

Together is better, APIs, Exports and Data Integrations to Make the eCommerce World go Round.


No man is an Island, but all too often data analysis systems, and other applications can end up as silos, separate from each other and not delivering the true value of the data they hold. The rapid growth of eCommerce in recent years means consumer and business products manufacturers are deploying increasingly sophisticated tools, techniques and analytics solutions to support their efforts to grow category sales and stay ahead of the competition online.

Extracting meaning from disparate data

The digital channel, by its very nature, offers the opportunity for brands to access many disparate data sources. As consumer product manufacturers build eCommerce ecosystems to include digital asset management, content syndication and data analytics tools, alongside our 6Ps eCommerce Analytics solution, they have the opportunity to extract value from an increasing wealth of information.

The risk is that these data sources remain islands of information, rather than coming together to help brands gain a complete understating of the actions needed to succeed in the digital channel. Clavis Insight is fighting against isolation in the digital channel by making its eCommerce analytics data open and available to third party applications!

At the most basic level Clavis enables users to export eCommerce intelligence results data on demand via the user interface. The solution also provides for automated or scheduled data exports that are delivered via the GS1 global data synchronous network (GDSN), email or Amazon S3.

In addition, we have partnered with technology developers, such as Salsify, and data providers such as IRI, to deliver a complete picture across the eCommerce ecosystem. The partnerships have delivered a number a number of custom integrations between the Clavis Insight eCommerce Intelligence platform and third party tools in the eCommerce ecosystem.

Application Programming Interface

As well as dedicated connectors, Clavis Insight provides APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), which are another significant weapon in the battle against the spread of data silos. The web service APIs enable our customers to programmatically export ecommerce insight results data from Clavis to third party tools and systems, including Digital Dashboards and business intelligence, digital asset management and product information management systems.

Together these data integration and API options enable faster set-up of Clavis Insight instances through rapid acquisition of target product lists, ongoing updates for trusted source analysis, as well as delivering deeper insights for consumer products manufacturers.

Understanding a Complicated Path to Purchase

In order to win in today’s rapidly changing retail environment, brands need to understand the increasingly complex shopper journey, and engage with consumers across multiple channels. Clavis delivers a comprehensive family of insights when it comes to measuring and monitoring a brand’s online store presence and performance, but no single tool can track and manage all your content, analytics and customers online and off-line.

Together is better. Combining Clavis Insight’s 6Ps eCommerce Intelligence Analytics with market measurement, point-of-sale, and in-store performance data arms brands with the information they need to protect market share and significantly grow sales in today’s interconnected retail environment.

By working in tandem with our partners, and providing open APIs Clavis can help brands to access the comprehensive insights they need to identify and capitalize on rapidly emerging e-commerce growth opportunities.

Danny Silverman
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Danny Silverman
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