The Question You Should be Asking Your Amazon Market Share Provider Right Now: How Are You Solving for Variations?

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Over the last year Amazon has implemented a new way of structuring variated (same product, different colors, sizes, etc.) PDPs that has rendered older methodologies for estimating market share obsolete. The new variation structure impacts ASIN level visibility, which means these outdated methodologies will almost certainly result in inflated sales and share estimates for impacted ASINs due to misattribution. Edge by Ascential data quality research suggests this variance could be as high as 80%, or more, depending on the ASIN. If your provider hasn’t adapted by bringing in additional, reliable demand signals such as online shopper panel data, your sales and share numbers are likely to be inaccurate.

Because variations have such massive impact on the accuracy of market share estimation, Edge by Ascential has invested significant resources into solving for this change since we first detected it. We have already deployed updates to our algorithms leveraging shopper panel data alongside multiple other data sets to solve for the variated ASIN sales estimate issues. Recognizing that we can further increase the accuracy and fidelity of our estimations by incorporating quality, scale shopper panel data into our estimation process, Edge by Ascential has entered into a long-term, strategic partnership with Jumpshot. The scale of Jumpshot’s panel is unparalleled, in the many tens of millions.  This means that Edge by Ascential is uniquely able to estimate variated ASIN market share accurately, and to leverage Jumpshot data to enhance its Market Share and Digital Shelf products. 

Our partnership is underpinned by our parent company, Ascential plc, having acquired 35% of Jumpshot with an option to acquire a further 16%, at a total cost of up to £300m. This is yet another example of how being backed by the capital capacity and resources of Ascential ensures Edge by Ascential is best positioned as a long term strategic partner to enable our clients’ success.


To learn more about our partnership with Jumpshot and to request more information including a free demo, click here or fill out the form on this page.

Boren Novakovic
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Boren Novakovic
Managing Director
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