2020 Cyber Monday Wrap-Up - UK

Cyber Monday is traditionally the biggest ecommerce sales day of the year and this year looks to be no exception. Edge by Ascential Insights Manager Chris Elliott has analysed a range of popular shopper search terms across the days of Cyber 5 in the UK’s top retailers to see how brand share changed over this critical shopping period.

Black Friday might be over but the weekend is not - Cyber Monday is actually the bigger ecommerce sales day with an estimated $3bn in sales*, and the days between Black Friday and Cyber Monday generate significant sales as well.

Manufacturers therefore cannot rest on their Black Friday laurels and should ensure their search strategy is focused on the whole of the Cyber 5 weekend.

In this analysis, Edge by Ascential will look at the most popular search terms across the five days of the Cyber 5 weekend to see how Amazon rankings have changed, and which brands were in place to excel.


Winners (Greatest Average Share of Search)
  Black Friday Cyber Monday



"4K TV"








TCL had the greatest share for “TV” on four days of Cyber 5 with the exception of Black Friday. It had a 40% share on Amazon on Cyber Monday, much like it did on Thursday and Saturday. It also had a 50% share of results for “4K TV” on Cyber Monday and the preceding Saturday. 

On Black Friday, RGTech had the top three positions for “TV” while LG had a 40% share for “4K TV”. Contrasting other days, Cello had the greatest share for “4K TV” on the Sunday of Cyber 5.

Consumer Electronics

Winners (Greatest Average Share of Search)
  Black Friday Cyber Monday




HP & Huawei



Huawei & Samsung








Share of the top 10 for “Earbuds” varied greatly across the days with a different manufacturer having the greatest share on each day. Mpow had the greatest share on Black Friday with 30% and Jabra won Cyber Monday with the same share.

HP initially started Cyber 5 with a large share of search results including the joint highest on Black Friday with Huawei. However, it’s share shrunk across the remainder of the weekend before reaching zero on Cyber Monday. Huawei had a 40% share on Cyber Monday, however, none of its products featured in the top three, much like Black Friday.

Unsurprisingly, Amazon’s Fire Tablets had a significant share of search across all days for the term “Tablet” and occupied prominent positions. However, it had a lower share than Huawei and Samsung on Black Friday while Vankyo occupied the top spot on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Home Appliances

Winners (Greatest Average Share of Search)
  Black Friday Cyber Monday
"Air Fryer"



"Coffee Machine"

De'Longhi & Tassimo (Bosch)

Nespresso (Krups)

"Vacuum Cleaner"




Some 14 brands returned for the term “Air Fryer” across the five days, with no brand sticking out as a top performer across the Cyber 5 weekend. Tower had the greatest share of search at 30% on Black Friday, which Ninja matched on Cyber Monday. 

For “Coffee Machine”, De’Longhi had a 30% share on Thursday, Friday and Sunday but dropped to just 10% on Cyber Monday, while Nespresso (Krups) machines had the greatest share. Nespresso (Krups) leveraged sponsored search positions and therefore had three of the top four spots on Cyber Monday as it did on Thursday.

Health & Beauty 

Winners (Greatest Average Share of Search)
  Black Friday Cyber Monday
"Curling Iron"



"Hair Dryer"




David Beckham

Calvin Klein


Remington dominated Cyber Monday with a 30% share of the term “Curling Iron” and 60% for “Hair Dryer”. This was very different on Black Friday where Babyliss had the greatest share for “Curling Iron” and GHD for “Hair Dryer”.

David Beckham and Calvin Klein swapped the greatest share for “Perfume”. On Black Friday and Sunday, David Beckham perfume had the greatest share of search but by Cyber Monday Calvin Klein had reached 40% of results.


Winners (Greatest Average Share of Search)
  Black Friday Cyber Monday
"Baby Monitor"



"Car Seat"

Graco & Maxi-Cosi

Cossatto & Graco


Silver Cross

Silver Cross







Nanit consistently occupied the top three positions for the term “Baby Monitor” every day of Cyber 5 and thus had the greatest share of results ahead of Victure.

Graco and Maxi-Cosi had the greatest overall shares across Cyber 5 for “Car Seat”. They each had 30% of results on Black Friday, however, come Cyber Monday, Maxi-Cosi had no products in the top ten while Cosatto matched Graco’s 30% share.

Silver Cross only had one result in top ten on Thursday, but since then it has been the top performer for “Stroller” including half of the top ten results on Cyber Monday. However, its highest returning product was third and none of its products broke the top two positions throughout Cyber 5.

Sports & Leisure 

Winners (Greatest Average Share of Search)
  Black Friday Cyber Monday
"Activity Tracker"

Fitbit, Huawei, Letscom & Temince


"Fitness Tracker"



"Home Gym"

Wonder Core

Perfect Fitness


No one brand stood out for the term “Activity Tracker”. On Black Friday four brands - Fitbit, Huawei, Letscom and Temince - all had two results in the top ten. However, on Cyber Monday Huawei grew its share to 30%, just overtaking Temince.

On Cyber Monday, nine brands featured in the top ten results with Temince occupying two positions. This followed a similar pattern across the Cyber 5 weekend, although Letscom reached 30% share on Black Friday.

“Home Gym” had 19 brands return in the top 10 of search results across the five days. Perfect Fitness had the top three results on Cyber Monday as it did on Thursday. Over the weekend Homcom had the greatest number of results while Perfect Fitness share shrank to just 10%.

As we’ve seen, most categories saw significant changes in key search results over the Cyber 5 period. Some brands such as LG and Shark appeared to favour Black Friday itself, while others, like Remington and TCL, targeted Cyber Monday. These changes illustrate how intensely brands jockeyed for position to take the largest possible share of the flood ecommerce revenue this year. 


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