Ascential Whitepaper: Retail 5.0

A strategic outlook on the future retail landscape and what it means for CPGs.

By 2025, online sales will account for around 40% of CPGs’ total sales and ecommerce will be dominated by a handful of major platforms.

This paper is relevant to any CPG looking to optimise their operations, strategy and marketing spend for a new era of retail. It explores the challenges and opportunities for consumer goods brands in Retail 5.0, and predicts how this next evolution will be dominated by a handful of giant online marketplaces, such as Amazon and Alibaba, who will own the relationship with shoppers.

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In this paper we discuss:

  • What is Retail 5.0?
  • Winning at capturing the marketplace shopper
  • Winning at product innovation and delivery
  • Key recommendations for CPGs to be Retail 5.0 ready