What Questions Can Edge by Ascential Help Answer?

“I have good year on year sales growth on Amazon, but am I also gaining share in my category? How fast is the category growing?”

“I keep losing the buy box to a third party seller. How much money is this costing me, and what can I do about it?"

"How do I know what my competitors are doing with respect to pricing? How do I understand historic pricing trends in my space?"

"I'm looking to quickly compare my pricing across multiple retailers. How can I tell if there are price variations?"

Edge Market Share

Use unmatched Amazon market share data and calculations to measure category share, identify sales trends, analyze category strengths/weakness, benchmark against competitors and much more.

Edge Digital Shelf

The 6Ps ecommerce Intelligence™ framework, a powerful extension of the familiar Marketing 4Ps (Product, Place, Price and Promotion) that has been adapted to reflect the nuances of eCommerce, thus providing manufacturers with the clarity of how to organize and prioritize ecommerce analytics and actions that will drive ecommerce success.  

Edge Price + Promotion

Measure and manage price position, communicate this to shoppers, and increase digital presence and ecommerce performance.

Edge Retail Insight

Retail Insight provides instant access to actionable reports and profiles, must-read industry news, powerful data and added-value support.

Edge Advisory and Education

Our experts help global brands, retailers and retail technology firms solve business challenges with a range of custom advisory services. We apply our knowledge, data and expertise to identify and prioritise the strategies that will enable companies to win in retail.

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