Retail is constantly changing and keeping pace with the competition is overwhelming. The time it takes to manage all the pieces to a successful retail strategy is staggering and cuts into your bottom line.  To even stand a chance, it is critical that you find a solution that is specifically geared to address your business needs, working with the algorithms that determine your success in the marketplace - you can't fix what you aren't measuring.

Our goal is to make a tangible difference in your business - from market share to optimized content to marketplace intelligence, our custom fit solution is designed to answer the specific questions that plague your business regularly.

Rather than settling for the "one size fits all” product you'll find elsewhere, by working with us you are choosing an extremely personalized experience for your business, leveraging the most accurate, comprehensive and trusted data available in the market. Our team of retail experts are trusted by over 600 of the world’s largest brands and will work with you to find the right solutions to fit your needs, providing you with the answers you actually need answered to strategically maneuver and win in the marketplace. 

When you know, when you act, you win.

Market Share

‘How do your sales and share compare to your category and competitors?’

Edge by Ascential Market Share is the leading Amazon Market Share analytics SaaS platform. Market Share provides not only the most accurate market share performance analytics, but also the drivers of market share – to maximize ROI and performance.

Digital Shelf

‘What actions can you take to drive traffic and win the digital shelf battle?’

Edge by Ascential Digital Shelf is the leading ecommerce analytics SaaS platform, designed to provide performance, priorities and actions for optimal growth through online retailers.

Price + Promotion

‘When should you match your competitors’ prices and promotions – without hurting your margins?’

Edge by Ascential Price + Promo is the leading SaaS provider of retail price & promotions data, analytics and insights – For planning, executing and analysing optimal strategies to drive growth and profitability.

Retail Insight

‘Which retail trends at the local and global level should you pay attention to?’

Edge by Ascential Retail Insight is a provider of primary research and trends analysis in digital retail. New reports are delivered at regular intervals, and past reports are available via SaaS platform.

Advisory and Education

‘How can you stay updated on the future of retail and what strategic actions should you take?’

Edge by Ascential Advisory solves complex business challenges and builds data-driven strategies through consultative engagements.

Edge by Ascential Education provides continuing education & upskilling opportunities through proven focused seminar frameworks.

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