E^HACKATHON Hoboken | Walmart Ecommerce

E^HACKATHON Hoboken | Walmart Ecommerce

October 1, 2019 | 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST
Jersey City, NJ | Hyatt Regency Jersey City

For the ones who get growth done

Ecommerce is disrupting everything we know about commerce, and our brands, whether they realize it or not, depend on us to figure it out for long-term growth. But to succeed, we must learn at the pace of the change happening around us.

When it comes to learning, we choose to invest our precious time and money in attending industry events to be empowered – to return to work a better and wiser leader of change. But it’s not enough to only “talk growth,” for we’re the ones who actually “do growth.” We need (and deserve) the best learning possible.

  • We believe in learning experiences designed by the very people that participate.
  • We believe in thought leadership that earns your undivided attention and sells itself.
  • We believe in actionability, in hacking ideas and challenges hands-on to truly learn something new and apply it the next business day.
  • We believe in the power of community, in both belonging, as well as standing out.
  • We believe in celebrating our shared moments of pride and pain along the journey.

Join our movement. You’re one of us. We’re the ones who get growth done.

At the E^HACKATHON Hoboken on Oct 1, 2019, you and fellow leaders of change come together to learn hands-on what it takes to master ecommerce growth with Walmart, blasting beyond the basics to deep-dive case studies and hack sessions on the latest strategies, best practices and insights critical to win online.

This event is organized by Edge by Ascential™. The E^HACKATHON Hoboken is not initiated or sponsored by, or associated with, Walmart, Inc.

"You must be this tall to ride..."

If you:

  1. Work for a consumer brand

  2. Lead (or support) your Walmart or overall ecommerce business

  3. Desire actionable and interactive edutainment vs. "death by lecture" conferences too common in the industry

  4. Want to learn and network without the stress of agency sharks and sales pitches

  5. Believe you're part of a global industry movement that is greater than any one of us alone

Then you belong with us.

Designed for practitioners by practitioners

The E^HACKATHON Hoboken is a Walmart-centric, deep-dive ecommerce learning experience for BRANDS ONLY where industry leaders work closely with insiders and experts on the latest best practices and strategies needed to master ecommerce growth with Walmart. 

The day is overflowing with amazing content including brand case studies, latest perspectives on Walmart and of course, the Hack sessions. The Hack sessions are assigned breakout topics led by ecommerce subject matter experts. Working in non-compete peer groups, you will leave these sessions with takeaways that can be applied to your business the very next day back at work.

Meet the thought leaders who volunteered as tribute

E^HACKATHON Hoboken Speakers

Latest Agenda:

E^HACKATHON Hoboken Agenda

Latest Hack Sessions for October 1:

Each attendee will have the opportunity to submit their preferences for 4 preferred Hack sessions to attend during the event.  We will do our best to schedule each attendee for as many of their preferred Hack sessions as possible based on session capacity and non-compete restrictions.


1. Advanced Walmart Content Optimization: It’s Time to Pull the “Trigger” led by Stephanie Leffler & Amanda Wolff (OneSpace)

The most successful brands are optimizing their e-commerce content on a recurring basis. In this advanced session, we will highlight the different triggers that brands should use to initiate or re-initiate their e-commerce content production process for content on Walmart, Sam’s, and OGP. Whether these triggers come from internal changes like packaging or formulation updates, or they come from external changes to Walmart’s unique retailer requirements, the consumer search landscape, competitive pressures, or seasonal trends.

2. Walmart Paid Search & Advertising Strategy led by Sandy Welsch, Toby Willse, Bernie Che and Gabe Fishbein (Flywheel Digital) 

The “build it and they will come” strategy doesn’t apply to the digital shelf. Demand generation through targeted marketing activities and promotions is critical to driving traffic, converting it into sales and accelerating your own business. Native, CPC-based Walmart Performance Ads are here. Learn how this new self-serve platform works and how to prepare for auction dynamics.

3. Powering the Voice of the Shopper in a Digital World - Moving Beyond Simple Review Collection led by Dominique DiVito (PowerReviews)

As shopper’s loyalty to individual brand and products dwindle and product assortment options increase, they have become more reliant on each other to help them make their purchase decisions. Given this significant shift in shopper behavior, it’s no longer good enough to stop short of collecting reviews and ratings. In this breakout, you will learn how to make reviews more robust, influential, and abundant. Learn how to reach shoppers everywhere they are regardless of the channel across both digital and brick and mortar worlds. Expand your reach to some of the largest omnichannel retailers in the world such as Walmart, Target and of course, many shoppers go-to source, Amazon.

4. Reinventing Digital Commerce: How a Startup is Innovating the Digital P2P led by Billy Courtney & Addam Hardy (RichContext)

The digital path to purchase consists of three big elements: Demand, Destinations, and Data. During this session you will get exposed to what it is like when all of these elements are connected and are fueling consistent understanding and optimization. Driving baskets and product discovery online are all about experiences. Expect to find out how a digital startup is enabling innovative ways to drive your business across all Walmart digital touch points.


5. How Challenger Brands Are Taking on the Incumbents in Direct To Consumer led by Nick Geoghegan (eatbigfish)

From razors to retirement plans, new challenger brands are shaking up existing categories through the use of D2C. But to say that these brands are winning due to their ability to cut out the middle man and reduce costs, is to miss out on some key lessons that these exciting new challengers can teach us. Here, we’ll show you the five ways in which Direct to Consumer thinking has allowed these courageous new brands to offer consumers more than they’ve ever been offered before, and to bring dramatic differences to categories that have been starved of new thinking.

6. Working with Your Buyer for 2020 Success led by Tanner Russell (Edge by Ascential)

Success at Walmart comes down to planning and execution. Learn how to use your Walmart category specialist to make Walmart work for you. As you understand their tools, and strategy, you will be able to successfully plan together and execute a sales strategy that increases both of your bottom lines

7. Save Money. Live Better. Save Data. Live Stronger. led by Meagan Bowman (Stonehenge Labs)

From Online Grocery Pickup to Walmart.com, the data made available/actionable from Walmart feels like it’s lost its spark… or a strong level of access is impossible to navigate. While Walmart’s traditional brick and mortar data feeds to their suppliers continue to feel clunky, we’ve all grown accustomed to the system. And we trust that to which we’ve grown accustomed. Measuring what matters within the Walmart ecosystem, especially given the speed at which Walmart closes in on Amazon from a share perspective in certain categories, is more important than ever.


8. New Product Launches + SKU Lifecycle led by Newel Cobb (Edge by Ascential)

Have you ever wondered what new product you need to increase sales? Considering marketing, pricing, channel management and more, what are the pros and cons of each of your choices during item launch? How can you give your new product a sustainable “Edge” over the competition? In this session, we will be discussing everything from item launch to lifecycle. Come learn from the perspective of a former Walmart.com associate and get insights on what he would do to set up and manage a 5 star product.

9. The Brand Protection & Pricing Strategies Most Effective in the eCommerce Age led by Whitney Gibson & Daren Garcia (Vorys) and Chris Perry (Edge by Ascential)

In this session, you will learn – from Vorys’ eControl attorneys and a fellow practitioner who successfully countered channel conflict – the strategies, business policies and practices and enforcement techniques recommended to lawfully control your brands online by removing harmful sellers and poor quality products and preventing price, profitability and brand equity erosion, as well as insight into the problems that arise when companies fail to recognize the new paradigms at play and how they have disrupted traditional brand protection practices.

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The cold, hard truth from E^HACKATHON Bentonville attendees

Wait a minute...Jersey City isn't in Hoboken!

That is true. The Hyatt Regency Jersey City was the closest venue to Hoboken that meets our strict and unique event format, size and breakout room requirements. An extra bonus is that the venue overlooks the water onto NYC! It's quite the view!


Ready to make history? Join us:

Still need more time to decide?

Take all the time you need, but we are humbled to share that every prior E^HACKATHON to date has sold out. So don't miss your chance to get seats for you and your team!

Please email me, Chris Perry, VP of Global Executive Education at chris.perry@ascentialedge.com with any and all questions and inquiries.

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