Live Streaming 101 | 17 August

Join our free virtual event, Live Streaming 101 as part of our Southeast Asia Digital Commerce Accelerator series on Wednesday, August 17 at 14:00 - 15:00 SGT.

Live Streaming 101

Embracing digital advertising and social media tools such as live streaming can go a long way in helping people discover your brand and products. 

In this session, we will discuss what and how brands should measure to drive livestreaming ROI: 

  • KOL Selection: Select the right KOLs, to balance reach and credibility
  • SKU Selection: Select the right SKUs to drive re-purchase, and amplify the long-tail effect of live-streaming events.
  • Content Optimisation: Continuously optimise scripts and formats, to maximise the impact of live-streaming events on brands.

Time: 14:00 -15:00 SGT, Wednesday, August 17
Format: The event will be hosted online. Please register for free to get your access. 
This event will be reserved for brand owners. 


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