Objective Based Search Webcast

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Objective Based Search

Edge research has shown that 90% of purchases begin with search, and 80% of clicks remain on the first page. If a customer can't find your product on a search page, they can't buy your product. Put simply search is a key gateway to sales, and can be an indicator of strong ecommerce foundations.

However, search strategy development is not homogenous, and finding the edge over your competition in search will often require nuanced search strategies that are adapted to the situation that you are using them in. Understanding which search strategy to use in which circumstance could be the difference maker in your search success.

In this webcast Edge Senior Insight Manager Tom Bentley and Flywheel Senior Business Manager Rob Williams will take a look at how you can set search strategies for situational needs, and they will discuss:

  • Third Party or Competition: My competition online is stronger online that in store how do I combat this?
  • Influencing NPD with search: How do I leverage search to launch an NPD? How can you use search suggestions & market data/trends etc to hone in on what your NPD should be?
  • Using search for your long tail: I have a small assortment of products, 20 of them are selling really well, what do I do with the rest of them?

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Tom Bentley
Tom Bentley
Senior Insight Manager

Tom has over 10 years of experience in Ecommerce across Category Management, Digital Marketing & Sales. Currently, he is helping top FMCG brands drive online sales & share through data. Tom's key customer experience includes L’Oréal, Nestle, Mars, Pepsico, Mondelez, Danone, Tesco and Rakuten Marketplace.

Senior Business Manager
Rob Williams

Rob is a digital media and ecommerce expert with over 15 years’ experience working in retailers, media owners and agencies.  He is a strategic thinker with analytical skills that have helped to effectively handle and develop some of the largest accounts within the organizations where he has worked.  Rob has managed relationships with client stakeholders at senior levels, mainly within Brand, Customer Marketing & Account Management Teams.


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