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Edge Advisory has one goal in mind - to provide you with the latest insights and tools that you need to make confident business decisions in the ever-changing retail landscape. By leveraging their exclusive industry experience and research, our elite team of global advisors have developed a comprehensive catalog of advisory topics, designed to address the most pressing challenges facing the retail industry today.

Announcing the new Edge Retail Insight digital platform

We are excited to announce the launch of our newly designed Edge Retail Insight platform.  Your new, easy to navigate platform not only looks better, but also consolidates the data, analytics and content from the former Planet Retail, Retail Net Group and Digital Radar platforms into one easily accessible location.

Pet Products: Amazon.com Q3 Update

Blog November 28, 2018

In Q3 2018, Amazon.com's Pet product group continued its strong upward trajectory, growing by 30% YoY to reach an estimated value of $600M in sales. Pet Products is the second-largest consumer packaged goods market in the US (after health supplements) and the retail and tech giant has made it a priority in recent years, with initiatives such as Alexa Pet Week and private brand expansions.

A Brand’s Cheat Sheet to Variation on Amazon

Blog November 27, 2018

Amazon is an ever-evolving online shopper’s paradise, constantly striving to provide its customers with a sophisticated customer experience as they try to find the product that perfectly meets their needs in an assortment of an estimated 560 million items across its marketplaces throughout the world.

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Our offerings don’t stop with our products. We want you and your team to feel equipped with all the necessary resources to achieve your ecommerce success.

Edge by Ascential Price + Promo

With aggressive pricing from competition and 3P sellers, you want a pricing strategy that is suited to your business goals. Our Price and Promotions helps you answer the question: “How can I optimize price and promotions to drive margin and growth?”

Edge by Ascential Retail Insight

Our Retail Insight help you devise a strategy around what ecommerce metrics you can leverage to maximize your revenue by helping you answer the question: “What strategies will maximize my revenue growth?”


Black Friday 2018: US Market Insights Reveal Amazon’s Lowest Prices Yet

Blog November 26, 2018

At the start of the biggest shopping frenzy of the year, US Black Friday sales trends are beginning to emerge. Our insights experts at Edge by Ascential take a look at the US ecommerce landscape across a range of categories, as well as the tactics of some of the region’s largest online retailers. We can report early findings in pricing and promotional activity for the US’s most sought-after seasonal buys.

Black Friday 2018: Deal or No Deal?

Blog November 26, 2018

As bargain-crazy shoppers hit the online stores, Black Friday sales trends begin to emerge.  Our insights experts at Edge by Ascential take a look at the landscape across a range of categories.  We can reveal early findings in pricing and promotional strategies for the UK’s most sought-after Christmas purchases including evidence of products being sold cheaper previously.