AMZ Effect: Beer, Wine & Spirits

Blog December 26, 2018

At least 4.2 million people in the UK are planning to take part in Dry January 2019. The tradition to abstain from alcohol for the first 31 days of each year has grown rapidly in popularity, with a YouGov poll finding that the number of participants grew by almost 35% this year. 2018 Holiday Season Update

Blog December 20, 2018

On Cyber Monday, Amazon celebrated its annual tradition of breaking all previous sales records. But true to form, the ecommerce giant was not content to stop there. Shortly after the dust had settled from Cyber 5, Amazon announced it would be extending free holiday shipping through December 18th for all customers (not just Amazon Prime members).

Amazon Private Labels/Exclusive Brands Q4 Update

Blog December 17, 2018

Amazon's next private brand expansion will be into the toys category. Right in the middle of the holiday shopping season, the retailer listed five new ASINs, including a few climbing toys for toddlers, before promptly taking the listings back down. Though there is not yet an official release date, the new products will be added to the flagship AmazonBasics line and marketed, at least initially, to daycare operators.

Toys: Update

Blog December 11, 2018

In the first nine months of 2018, the British toy market fell by 5%. Toymakers have struggled in the wake of the collapse of Toys R Us, which announced the closure of all 100 UK locations in March, leaving toymakers without the 'the world's biggest toy store' as a key sales channel. Consumers have, so far been slow to find new places to shop - but now that the holiday shopping season is here, that's all going to change.

Toys: Q3 Update

Blog December 05, 2018

Retailers are battling to win former Toys R Us customers. This is the first holiday season without the iconic toy chain and its absence poses a major opportunity for retailers looking to cement their position as the new go-to toy store for millions of American consumers.

Pet Products: Q3 Update

Blog November 28, 2018

In Q3 2018,'s Pet product group continued its strong upward trajectory, growing by 30% YoY to reach an estimated value of $600M in sales. Pet Products is the second-largest consumer packaged goods market in the US (after health supplements) and the retail and tech giant has made it a priority in recent years, with initiatives such as Alexa Pet Week and private brand expansions.

A Brand’s Cheat Sheet to Variation on Amazon

Blog November 27, 2018

Amazon is an ever-evolving online shopper’s paradise, constantly striving to provide its customers with a sophisticated customer experience as they try to find the product that perfectly meets their needs in an assortment of an estimated 560 million items across its marketplaces throughout the world.

Black Friday 2018: US Market Insights Reveal Amazon’s Lowest Prices Yet

Blog November 26, 2018

At the start of the biggest shopping frenzy of the year, US Black Friday sales trends are beginning to emerge. Our insights experts at Edge by Ascential take a look at the US ecommerce landscape across a range of categories, as well as the tactics of some of the region’s largest online retailers. We can report early findings in pricing and promotional activity for the US’s most sought-after seasonal buys.

Black Friday 2018: Deal or No Deal?

Blog November 26, 2018

As bargain-crazy shoppers hit the online stores, Black Friday sales trends begin to emerge.  Our insights experts at Edge by Ascential take a look at the landscape across a range of categories.  We can reveal early findings in pricing and promotional strategies for the UK’s most sought-after Christmas purchases including evidence of products being sold cheaper previously.

Cyber Monday 2018: Has it lost its edge and been swallowed by Black Friday sales?

Blog November 26, 2018

As Black Friday sales span the weekend and into what we now call Cyber Monday, our insights experts at Edge by Ascential take a look at the emerging trends in today’s pricing and promotional tactics; the timeframes over which retailers and brands are running their discount campaigns; and where new discounts have been introduced over the weekend.