Why did Amazon buy Whole Foods?

Blog June 16, 2017

This acquisition represents an opportunity for Amazon to fully leverage its powerful ecommerce data, Whole Foods retail estate, and IoT technology to dramatically re-shape the high-end grocery market. This is a major development in the grocery space, but certainly not the last.

Walmart and Marketplace Competition

Blog March 18, 2015

Walmart.com appears to be have made a big change in how it handles marketplace listings, getting more like eCommerce giant Amazon in the process.

Three Lessons Brick and Mortar Retailers Can Learn

Blog June 14, 2017

I recently visited the Walpole, MA, Amazon Books location.  It appears they have succeeded in doing just that: walking through Amazon Books feels like walking through a website.

Amazon Prime Day Live Updates 2017

Blog July 12, 2016

On July 12th, the Clavis Insight team posted live updates and commentary about the global reach of Amazon Prime Day.

Amazon Changes Online Grocery Shopping

Blog March 02, 2016

In a significant change to how it sells groceries online in the US, Amazon is experimenting with a move away from hosting the AmazonFresh format separate from Amazon.com.