Housewares in Europe: The Amazon Effect

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Recognizing the market potential, Amazon turned its attention to housewares in 2017. Several high-profile investments – including the additional of “shop by room” functionality on Amazon’s Home and Kitchen sites and the building of several new warehouses to manage the handling of bulky items such as appliances – reveal the retailer’s commitment to this product group.

Ecommerce Tips for Toy Brands

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With greater choice and more deals, shoppers are turning to online retailers as their preferred means of shopping for toys. Learn about the six levers toy brands can pull, to improve their digital shelf presence and win online.

Ecommerce Best Practices Library

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The fluid nature of the eCommerce space requires brands to stay up-to-date on the latest best practices to drive traffic and conversion in the online channel. Scroll below to access our complete library of best practice comment.

Clavis Insight电子书: 6Ps电子商务智能解决方案如何帮助您赢得在线商机

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电子商务以及其对线上和线下销售的影响正在加强,然而面对这么多不同来源的数据,如何监测在线绩效? 如何了解哪项绩效考核指标的作用更大?如何根据优先性原则安排工作?需要从从哪里入手?这些是品牌开展电子商务所不能避免的问题。

Clavis能够帮助品牌更加方便、快捷地获得洞察和分析, 从而帮助他们最大限度地提高数字渠道绩效。

为此我们创建了6Ps电子商务智能框架,6Ps是我们所熟悉的营销4Ps(产品、位置、价格和促销)的扩展, 使用6Ps能够帮助品牌根据优先性原则进行数据分析和采取优化行动,提升品牌的在线销售业绩。

The eCommerce Guide to the Perfect Product Page

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This eBook, in collaboration with six other industry leading technology providers, will guide manufacturers on how to build the Perfect Page, and ultimately drive conversions.

Smart TVs Leading UK eCommerce Sites

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The online channel is the most important shop window for consumer electronics and television products in the UK, and elsewhere across Europe.