In the ecommerce driven marketplace, winning the digital shelf - be it on Amazon, Walmart, Argos or Tmall – has a substantial impact on sales across all channels. Ecommerce also has a pivotal role to play as a marketing platform for Consumer Electronics brands looking to attract new customers or retain loyal users. 

With ecommerce sales for Consumer Electronics products expected to reach a 30% share by 2022, and over 60% of in-store sales now influenced by online stores, it is imperative for Consumer Electronics brands to understand the key tactics needed to drive traffic to their product detail pages and impact an in-store or online purchase.   

Listen to Edge by Ascential, for part two of a two-part webinar series focusing on how Consumer Electronics brands can grow sales in an ecommerce driven marketplace. During the webinar our experts covered:

  • The ecommerce landscape for Consumer Electronics brands 
  • A 6Ps ecommerce framework which brands can utilize to optimize ecommerce product assortment, placement, pricing, promotions, product detail content, and sales performance 
  • How brands can organize their ecommerce measurement programs to monitor and optimize 6P performance 





European Customer Success Director, Clavis Insight

Gael Peigne

Analyst, PlanetRetail RNG

Jesse Collins