JD.com Retailer Report - Building an Omnichannel Experience

Find out how your brand can deliver a superior customer experience.

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Customer experience has a direct relationship with short and long-term business outcomes. Experience is a key factor which impacts purchase decisions, behind price and product. Today’s customers are choosier than ever, given they are presented with a vast amount of options on what, where, and how to buy. 

The JD.com Retailer Report, 2021 released by Edge Retail Insight highlights that delivering a frictionless omnichannel customer experience is the key to success. Brands can potentially seek out collaborations with ecommerce platforms to augment their omnichannel strategy.

The report also focuses on the strategy and forecasts to identify where the biggest opportunities for brands lie: 

  • View specific drivers of JD.com future e-commerce growth across markets, channels, banners and categories, with commentary on how brands can best leverage these avenues to shape the path to purchase journey
  • Find out what we believe brands should be doing to achieve future success
  • Learn from current best-in-class examples, like in the case of Intel and Nestle

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