May 8 - May 9, 2019 | 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM BST
London, UK | LABS Camden House



Ecommerce is disrupting everything we know about commerce, and your brands – whether they realize it or not – are depending on you to figure it out.

But you’re not alone. You’re one of us…part of the movement to lead our brands through this change.

At the Edge by Ascential™ HACKATHON London, you and fellow industry trailblazers come together to learn and share what it takes to “win” on Amazon and other top omnichannel retailers, moving beyond traditional ecommerce 101 to deep-dive hacks into the winning strategies, best practices and data insights needed to become an ecommerce expert and grow your businesses.

Join us at our upcoming E^HACKATHON London on May 8 and May 9, 2019 in – you guessed it – London, UK!

This event is organized by Edge by Ascential™. The E^HACKATHON New York City is not initiated or sponsored by, or associated with,, Inc. or any other retailers on which our educational content focuses.

Event Format

The E^HACKATHON London is an ecommerce-centric, deep-dive masterclass summit where industry leaders work closely with insiders and experts on the latest best practices and strategies needed to succeed on the fastest growing ecommerce platforms in the world. The goal of the E^HACKATHON is not for you to listen to a lecture, but instead to provide you a working session with topical experts and industry peers.

May 8 (Day 1 - AMAZON) is a full-day summit dedicated to winning on Amazon, overflowing with amazing content including client case studies, latest perspective on Amazon and of course, the masterclass sessions. The masterclasses are assigned breakout topics led by ecommerce subject matter experts. Working in non-competitive peer-groups, you will leave these sessions having made measurable improvements to your strategy that can be implemented within your business.

May 9 (Day 2 - OMNICHANNEL) is a full-day summit dedicated to omnichannel and designed for ecommerce leaders seeking to accelerate their business with other leading pure play and omnichannel retailers in Europe. It too features masterclasses of assigned breakout topics led by ecommerce subject matter experts. Working in non-competitive peer-groups, you will leave these sessions having made measurable improvements to your strategy that can be implemented within your business.

If you're interested in also attending, please register for the two-day ticket option.

Event Benefits

  • Actionable and focused content on winning with leading retail disruptors
  • Agenda led and facilitated by top industry experts and ecommerce practitioners without sales pitches
  • Case studies shared by fellow brands in the industry
  • Non-compete breakout group format fosters open communication and collaboration on strategy and tactic best practices
  • Great networking opportunities with peers of our ecommerce movement

Who Attends:

This event is ideal for brand-side commercial Managers to Executives leading ecommerce and omnichannel businesses seeking best practice strategies and tactics to win with Amazon and top omnichannel retailers throughout Europe.

Just Some of Our Awesome Speakers & Masterclass Teachers:

May 8 Agenda (Day 1):

Available Masterclass Sessions:
Each attendee will have the opportunity to submit their preferences for 4 preferred masterclass sessions to attend during the event.  We will do our best to schedule each attendee for as many of their preferred masterclass sessions as possible based on session capacity and non-compete restrictions.


1. How to Improve Retailer SEO and Sales through Textual Analysis - Led by OneSpace
Enhanced product content has become a core fundamental in engaging the consumer, but the proper SEO optimization of that content in order to maximize targeted visibility in search is still an art to be mastered. Learn what is involved in and the benefits of creating your own textual analysis so to know how to strategically organize the necessary SEO data, with Amazon customers in mind, to increase the visibility and conversion of your products on the digital shelf.

2. Drive It & They Will Come: Demand Generation Strategies - Led by Flywheel Digital
The “build it and they will come” strategy doesn’t apply to the digital shelf.  Demand generation through targeted marketing activities and promotions is critical to driving traffic, converting it into sales and accelerating your own Amazon flywheel performance.  If you have the basics down and want to take it to the next level, it’s time to master some of the more advanced demand generation strategies.


3. Navigating 1P, 3P and Hybrid Model Solutions - Led by Pattern
Explore the pros and cons of partnering with Amazon and how to decide whether a 1P, 3P, or Hybrid approach is best for your brand.  We will explore how each platform is operated and the necessary resources and team structure to manage each platform.  We will end with a discussion about pitfalls to avoid when partnering with Amazon and how to best set your brand up for success on Marketplaces.

4. Business Growth 2.0: What to Do After the Slowdown? - Led by Flywheel Digital
While Amazon has been a source of strong topline growth for years, many 1P brand manufacturers have experienced increasing business deceleration, both creating internal concerns around future growth on the platform and posing risk to the continued resource allocation and investment.  Learn some of the critical strategies and tactics you can leverage to drive new growth and counter the slowdown.

5. Cross Border Trading Implications and Strategy - Led by Edge by Ascential & Flywheel Digital
Over the next 5 years eCommerce will be the fastest growing retail channel at a CAGR 2017-2022 +14%. Due to high fixed costs of eCommerce, scale is a critical part of achieving favorable economics online. The global landscape is expected to further consolidate, resulting in a few, borderless eCommerce operators which will present a supply chain and pricing challenge and potentially represents a barrier to grow profitably. Join this session to: develop a comprehensive growth plan for your business, learn to engage with global platforms in a coordinated fashion, and understand how to overcome these unique global barriers in a profitable and strategic way.


6. Brand Protection: Best-In-Class Strategies to Control Your Sales Online to Maximize Profit - Led by Vorys
Despite its growth and potential, the Amazon marketplace can expose all the leaks in a brand’s value chain – price   matching, unauthorized 3P sellers, product diversion and grey market sales – resulting in major channel conflicts, unprofitability for both brand and retail and overall brand erosion.  Learn the key strategies, foundational policies and enforcement techniques recommended to remove unauthorized sellers, stop channel conflict and end brand erosion.

7. Something Old, Something New: Best-In-Class New Product Launches & SKU Transitions - Led by Flywheel Digital
Brands must continuously bring new innovations and renovations to market; however, launching new products and transitioning SKUs successfully on Amazon is quite complex. How brands manage their SKUs can be the difference between shelf leadership or shelf extinction.   Learn the key programs and strategies for successfully launching and transitioning your products to maintain and accelerate your business.


May 9 Agenda (Day 2):

Available Masterclass Sessions:
Each attendee will have the opportunity to submit their preferences for 4 preferred masterclass sessions to attend during the event.  We will do our best to schedule each attendee for as many of their preferred masterclass sessions as possible based on session capacity and non-compete restrictions.


1. Reinventing Digital Commerce: How a Startup is Extracting Value out of the Digital Path to Purchase - Led by RichContext
The digital path to purchase consists of three big elements: Demand, Destinations, and Data. During this session you will get exposed to what it is like when all of these elements are connected and are fueling consistent understanding and optimization. Driving baskets and product discovery online are all about experiences. Expect to find out how a digital startup is enabling both brands and retailers to reinvent digital commerce.

2. How Large Companies Can Optimize Content at the Speed of Ecommerce - Led by OneSpace
Recent research indicates that the brands who are most successful at growing revenue in ecommerce regularly optimize their product content. However, it also revealed that the biggest barrier for developing great content was the number of approvals required internally. Learn the strategies and practical tips to overcome these hurdles with your key stakeholders to create, review, approve, and publish content at scale and at the speed of ecommerce.

3. How to Maximize Sales via Omnichannel Alignment - Led by ChannelSight
In a channel-agnostic world, to win online is not only about getting eCommerce right but more about building a unified, consistent and captivation consumer experience across all touch points, right through to retailers. However, providing a holistic view of the customer is complex. And, with many sources to capture data and insights, brands need to be able to identify what information will have the biggest impact and drive the most valuable leads to retailers. Learn best practices brands can use to break through the noise and drive engaged leads to these key marketplaces from all their digital assets. 


4. How to Create Outstanding D2C Experiences - Led by Pattern
The challenge of whether to invest in a D2C proposition is an issue that continues to occupy the minds of brand owners. Research into the customer experience provided by 100 global brands’ direct-to-consumer websites will frame this discussion on whether a D2C channel is right for your brand within the omnichannel mix and provide benchmarks of what makes a compelling D2C offer. We’ll highlight examples of the best and worst D2C experiences and outline the emerging operating models brand owners are employing to deliver their D2C and omnichannel strategies.

5. Supply Chain: The Secret to Ecommerce Success  - Led by Edge by Ascential
Supply chain as a winning strategy. In a changing retail landscape, consumers access to technology leads to the on-demand consumer where they become demanding on what they want to buy and when they want to buy it. The traditional route to market over complicates leading to a complex, fragmented chain with alternatives to purchase. Under this new scenario, suppliers are struggling to cope with the cost emerging from new supply chain demands. In this section, we will review the latest drivers of change leading to a new set of consumers expectations, implications on the supply chain  and how suppliers will need to build a new set of capabilities to stay competitive in an evolving world.

6. 8 Ecommerce Operating Models to Drive Your Online Growth - Led by Pattern
Whether you sell direct, through marketplaces or solely through retail channels, the model you choose to support your ecommerce sales can have a substantial impact on your growth trajectory. We examine the pros and cons of eight global ecommerce operating models, to help you answer questions such as whether your ecommerce capability should sit as a local, regional or global level; and whether a single sales team should take responsibility for marketplaces, online and offline sales.


7. Planning for Profitable Growth in Ecommerce - Led by Edge by Ascential
Ecommerce is maturing in Europe’s leading markets. Retailers show more and more signs that the time for reckless growth is over and that ecommerce must be managed in a more profitable way. We will explore the strategies and initiatives that retailers might take, their impact on manufacturers and ways to address these challenges.




Testimonials from Prior HACKATHON Attendees:

“So stimulating and insightful, I was buzzing when I left and so eager to get to work on all of the ideas that the Hackathon inspired!”

“Great actionable insights were provided that I can take back to my team and find ways to implement into our business. It also was great to hear what category leaders are doing as that's what my leadership team wants us to become.”

“I walked away with a lot of ideas to pull my business forward, and came back with some momentum to do so.”

 “So many of these industry events are high-level overviews of ecommerce. This set up allowed for better learning in areas of interest across functions. It made for a particularly valuable experience.”

Venue Location:

London, UK | LABS Camden House

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