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*Featuring Special Guest Patrick Miller, cofounder of Flywheel by Ascential™*

Amazon is set to release its Q2 Earnings Report on July 25th, just days after what may be one of the largest retail days ever – 2019’s 48-hour Prime Day event – and we’re ready to recap it all.

Listen in on a roundtable discussion with leading Amazon experts on Friday, July 26th at 10:30AM EST to learn:

  • What happened during this year’s 48-hour Prime Day extravaganza and what it means to you for Holiday season planning
  • What you need to know about what’s in Amazon’s Q2 Earnings Report and how you may need to adapt your back half strategy 
  • Other must-know Amazon developments over the last month

This special, omnibus edition of our Amazon Monthly Briefing will feature Flywheel cofounder Patrick Miller, Edge by Ascential™ Senior Analyst Jack O’Leary, and Chief Marketing Officer Danny Silverman as we break down the Q2 Earnings Report in the cold light of the morning after, along with all the Prime Day coverage you need to succeed for the rest of 2019 and more.

Jack O'Leary
Jack O'Leary
Senior Analyst

Jack O’Leary is a Senior Analyst for eCommerce Insights at Edge by Ascential. Jack leads the group’s research on Ecommerce & Digital Ecosystems. Jack's insights on retail, technology, and eCommerce have been featured in the New York Times, Business Insider, Retail Touchpoints, Supermarket News, MarketWatch, GQ Australia, and more. He also piloted and runs the Amazon Monthly Briefing, a webcast series where he presents key developments from Amazon with insights and analysis for brands and retailers operating on, or competing with, the platform. Jack received his BS in Finance and Economics from Boston College. 

Danny Silverman
Danny Silverman

Danny is an established industry thought leader with over 14 years of experience helping brands grow their online presence and sales. He spent eight of those years at Johnson & Johnson where he led their ecommerce strategy. 

Patrick Miller
Patrick Miller
Cofounder, Flywheel by Ascential
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