There is no doubt that ecommerce will continue to grow as advances in technology make shopping online easier and increasingly more convenient. To drive revenue, brands must take a proactive approach to managing their digital shelf presence not only to drive online retail store traffic and conversion, but to impact brick-and-mortar sales as well. 

Listen as Clavis Insight’s Americas Director of Customer Success, Julianne Kennedy, shares the steps needed to build your ecommerce measurement program using a crawl-walk-run approach to ensure you can start 2019 with a well-defined program. During the webinar Julianne will discuss: 

  • The key digital shelf KPIs each function should focus on
  • How to share ecommerce measurement data across your business to ensure optimum digital shelf performance 
  • How to scale your ecommerce measurement program across your business




Director of Customer Success, Americas

Julianne Kennedy