The Rise of Ecommerce in DIY

DIY retail was one bright spot as the pandemic hit. With priorities for customers shifting, unique opportunities for DIY manufacturers to grow their ecommerce share of the market and sales presented themselves. Our experts at Edge by Ascential have cast their eyes over the DIY industry, and how ecommerce has contributed to its growth. Below you can access our Blog and Infographic on the subject, as well as registering for our upcoming DIY focused ecommerce webcast!

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DIY in the Digital Age

Home Improvers are Online, Are You?


In this webcast, Head of Market Insights Chris Elliot will cast an eye over the state of the DIY industry, and share with you 

  • Who benefited from the switch to Ecommerce?
  • Which manufacturers are investing to be the most visible online?
  • Is this investment paying off on Amazon?


Recording Available Now!

DIY Gets a Digital Makeover

How Ecommerce is Driving Industry Growth

Home Improvement and DIY boomed during lockdown - and most of that growth was driven by ecommerce and digital touchpoints. Understanding the impact that the growth of ecommerce has had on DIY can be difficult, this infographic takes a look at the way ecommerce is driving industry growth in DIY.

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The Future is Digital

DIY & Home Improvement

Home is where the heart is - but it is difficult to imagine anyone wanting to spend quite so much time indoors as we have had to over the past locked-down year. This report outlines the priorities for the DIY and home improvement sector in a shopping environment defined by new consumer requirements and characteristics.  

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