Ensuring Growth in the New Generation of Retail

By 2025, online sales will account for around 40% of CPGs’ total sales, and ecommerce will be dominated by a handful of major platforms. Optimising operations, strategy, and market spend will be important tasks for any CPG looking to succeed in a new era of retail. Learn the actions that you can take now to drive success in a new world of retail. 

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We recently hosted a virtual event in collaboration with the Consumer Goods Forum, where we talked some of the largest CPG's through our vision of the next generation of Retail. We are now happy to share our propriety reports and findings, and here you can access all of our latest content helping CPGs thrive in Retail 5.0 

Retail 5.0 and the New Battleground for Shoppers

Edge by Ascential CEO Deren Baker casts an eye over the Fifth Generation of Retail, and what that means for brands in this short blog. 

Retail 5.0 - How to Win in the Next Generation of Retail

Join Edge CEO Deren Baker as he discusses: 

+ What is the Fifth Generation of retail?

+ What are the biggest changes in the industry and implication for CPGs?

+ Key challenges CPGs must address in Retail 5.0?

+ Recommendations for winning in Retail 5.0?

To find out more about Retail 5.0, and what it means for the future of CPG brands and manufacturers, then follow the link below to download our Ascential Whitepaper. If you would like to find out more about how Edge can help support you in finding business success in digital commerce then please fill out the contact form below to get in touch. 

An Ascential Whitepaper

Retail 5.0

This paper is relevant to any CPG looking to optimise their operations, strategy and marketing spend for a new era of retail. It explores the challenges and opportunities for consumer goods brands in Retail 5.0, and predicts how this next evolution will be dominated by a handful of giant online marketplaces, such as Amazon and Alibaba, who will own the relationship with shoppers.

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