Black Friday 2022 vs Prime Early Access Sale: Which Event Came Out On Top?

Black Friday 2022 vs Prime Early Access Sale

This holiday season takes place among one of the more turbulent consumer landscapes in recent memory. Even more so than the past 2 years, 2022 has seen an extreme amount of uncertainty around consumer confidence and holiday spending plans. 

By late summer, retailers and news outlets were already priming consumers for big savings opportunities as they touted a glut of inventory across key categories. It’s within that operating context that we saw the following results of 2 major shopping days:

In the small appliances category, Black Friday took the lead - 6.9% up on PEAS. Robotic vacuums cleaned up the most in this category, experiencing the greatest profit. 

Although sales of baby monitors increased by 18%, Black Friday threw the Baby category for a loop. Total sales were down 13% against PEAS.

The grocery category took a hit on Black Friday; sales were 18.7% down against PEAS. In spite of this decline, condiments continued to fly off the virtual shelves. 

Chips and dips were 28% up over Black Friday 2021. During this year’s Prime Early Access Sale, these items saw the biggest decrease of 35.2% compared to Black Friday 2022.

In the DIY category, Black Friday sales were down 3.1% against PEAS; hand tool sales, however, increased by 14.9%. 

And the winner is…

Overall, our analysis indicates that this year’s Black Friday sales were 6.98% down vs PEAS. Amazon's Prime Early Access Sale is the clear winner against the historical king of holiday shopping days. 

This continues a multi-year trend where Black Friday has been losing share of total holiday sales. Retailers have been more successful in pulling forward some early demand, like in the case of PEAS, while shoppers have been hesitant to pull the trigger for fear of missing out on even better deals on Cyber Monday or later in December. 

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