Wednesday, January 9 | 8:00 – 8:50 AM | Joshua 5 Aria C-Space


The ecommerce-driven world has brought on a breed of brands which are nimble and hyper-focused on using Amazon and other online retail stores as their platform of choice to drive their sales. These brands are causing immense disruption in the marketplace and eating away at sales and margins for larger more established brands. To gain an edge, brands big and small must think like their digital native competitors to regain sales and margins.


Join Edge by Ascential’s Spencer Millberberg along with Flywheel Digital’s Patrick Miller for a breakfast panel discussion during CES designed to help brands understand how to use digital native brands as a model for their ecommerce business in 2019.  During the discussion Spencer and Patrick will cover:

  • How digital native brands are adapting their product offerings for the ecommerce channel
  • The content hacks enabling digital native brands to climb the search ranks
  • The key sales and traffic data digital native brands are using to nimbly optimize their ecommerce presence


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