Clavis Insight 6Ps eCommerce Intelligence

Learn how the 6Ps eCommerce Intelligence™ framework will help your brands drive online channel revenue growth in 2018 and beyond.

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Need an easier way to understand eCommerce Performance? 

There is no shortage of data for eCommerce managers – in fact, it can quickly become overwhelming. The challenge is sourcing the right data, analyzing it to understand what it is telling you, and using it to prioritize, shift or even know where to start. 

Clavis has created the 6Ps eCommerce Intelligence™ framework, a powerful extension of the familiar Marketing 4Ps (Product, Place, Price and Promotion) that has been adapted to reflect the nuances of eCommerce, thus providing manufacturers with the clarity of how to organize and prioritize eCommerce analytics and actions that will drive eCommerce success. Clavis 6Ps eCommerce Intelligence™ is a familiar, yet powerful framework to guide and prioritize work in order to maximize digital shelf performance. Levers such as maintaining appropriate product stock levels, creating the perfect page, optimizing price, and having the right promotion can each be used to increase performance. 


Download our insightful 6Ps whitepaper for a full look and advice on how to maximize the 6Ps for your business.

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