The hundreds of formats and platforms utilized by pure-play and omnichannel online retailers vary widely. To develop category leadership in the online channel, brand manufacturers need to have the right products available to the right shoppers and understand the differences and best practices to drive performance with individual online retailers.  One size does not and should not fit all.

Join us on April 10th where’s Director of Merchandising, Ankit Patel, along with OneStone eCommerce Solutions’ Co-founder Meagan Bowman will provide insights on: 

  • How to create the best platform-specific product offerings for the online channel 
  • Differences in the various online retail platforms and how to determine which retailers to partner with at what times 
  • How one major manufacturer has teamed up with Boxed to drive online channel sales (and how their Boxed strategy is different from Amazon, Walmart, and other online retailers)
  • Key platform-specific KPIs brand manufacturers should monitor in order to optimize their performance in the online channel


Date & Time:

Tuesday, April 10 11:00 AM – Noon EDT


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About the Speakers:

Director, Merchandising,

Ankit Patel

Ankit Patel is Director, Merchandising for Ankit has held merchandising and supply chain roles at Boxed. He currently leads the buying teams whose primary focus is on assortment and developing vendor partnerships.  Prior to Boxed, Ankit was at Georgia-Pacific where he led pure click eCommerce sales.  Before Georgia-Pacific, he also spent time at Frito-Lay, Polo Ralph Lauren, and in the third party logistics industry.

CIO, OneStone eCommerce Solutions

Meagan Bowman

Meagan Bowman serves as CIO at OneStone eCommerce Solutions, a multi-platform service/technology shop with engineering offices in Denver, Minneapolis, Seattle, and Bentonville.  OneStone comes alongside manufacturers of all shapes and sizes in order to set strategy and execute the work required to win on Amazon, Jet, Boxed, Walmart, Target, and more.  Prior to founding OneStone along Bill Waitsman, Meagan ran engineering projects on platforms ranging from Amazon to and everything in between. Additionally, she led product development, digital integration, and eCommerce strategy for Hallmark Inc. including Crayola.  Prior to joining Hallmark, Meagan built and sold two startup concepts focused at the intersection of consumer behavior, supply chain evolution and retail technology in 2006 and 2012 respectively.