Amazon Reorients Site to Encourage Only Essential Purchasing

In hopes of keeping up with demand, Amazon will restructure its site to encourage only essential purchasing during the COVID-19 crisis. 

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Amazon in the US has removed site features designed to upsell shoppers to additional items in an attempt to dissuade customers from ordering more than necessary. As the retailer struggles to keep up with demand in the wake of the coronavirus disruption, a number of tools, such as the one recommending items frequently purchased with what the shopper is viewing, have been removed. 


Additionally, Amazon will be running no promotions on the site for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day this year. The moves are coming shortly after Amazon decided to delay its Prime Day summer shopping event this year, creating analyst expectations that all of these unprecedented shifts to the platform may result in lower ad revenue for Amazon, a rapidly growing part of the business. 


From the outset of the COVID-19 crisis, Amazon has operationalized singular focus on handling huge order volume growth, and key medical and household essential categories. Fulfillment center hiring efforts have also been ramped up drastically. Brands should prioritize staying in stock with key items, supporting Amazon’s broader efforts and avoiding seeing digital shelf placement deterioration due to out-of-stocks.   

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