Cyber 5 Favors The Bold: Has Cyber Monday Been Worth the Wait for UK Online Shoppers?

The final day of Cyber 5 has arrived - a last chance for UK shoppers to take advantage of retailers’ Black Friday sales. Many shoppers may have held off making a purchase until now in the hope of seeing further reductions over the weekend.

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The final day of Cyber 5 has arrived - a last chance for UK shoppers to take advantage of retailers’ Black Friday sales. Many shoppers may have held off making a purchase until now in the hope of seeing further reductions over the weekend. Price matching promises reiterated by the likes of Currys and John Lewis will have made shoppers feel more secure about waiting until Cyber Monday, but might they still have purchased their items cheaper at another time?

Do Consumer Electronics Still Feature Highly?

Given that Cyber Monday was created to encourage online sales, technology products such as laptops and tablets often feature prominently on the Day. Amazon has followed this pattern by replacing the prominent Black Friday deals on Shoes and Toys with a selection of deals on Laptops and Apple iPads.

Screenshot of Cyber Monday deals on Amazon UK including laptops, Apple iPads and Fitbits

Amazon website (9am) - 2 December 2019

Screenshot of Black Friday deals on Amazon UK including laptops and Apple iPads

Amazon website (9am) - 29 November 2019

Are Today’s Prices Better than Ever Before?

Amazon has maintained the same deals on the Fire TV Stick and Echo Dot as it did on Black Friday.  Its other deals on consumer electronics items today are also not as new as they might seem. Amazon describes its deals on Apple iPads as a ‘Cyber Monday Deal’, however, all these deals were actually introduced on November 24. Amazon has simply made the deal more prominent on its page today.

Screenshot of Cyber Monday deals on Amazon UK for Apple iPads

Amazon website (9am) - 2 December 2019

While they are not new deals, they are at Amazon’s lowest ever price, however this isn’t the case for all of its advertised Laptop deals.

The Dell Inspiron 14 Inch 7490 Laptop was promoted by Amazon for £959.00 but was £79.90 cheaper the day before and £49.90 cheaper on the Wednesday and Thursday before Black Friday. Amazon has been selling the HP 15-da1999na 15.6” Laptop for £459 since November 22 but it was £9.01 cheaper at the end of September.

These ‘deals’ are not just confined to the Laptops category. The iRobot Roomba 671 is on a deal today for £229.99, the same price as Black Friday 2018. However, it was £20 cheaper on Prime Day.

Amazon’s recycling of some Black Friday deals is not a surprise. Last year, we saw rival sites holding the same Black Friday price on 85% of Cyber Monday promotions. Looking at the key categories this year, a similar pattern is emerging. 

Has the Range of Deals Increased on Cyber Monday?

Focusing on the key Cyber Monday categories - Headphones and Earphones, Laptops, and Televisions - the percentage of range on promotion in Argos,, Currys, John Lewis and Very has not increased significantly from Black Friday.

Three of the retailers - Currys, John Lewis and Very - have fewer Laptop promotions today compared to Black Friday. The opposite is true in the Headphones and Earphones category where all four retailers have slightly increased the number of promotions. 

Looking closely at the Cyber Monday promotions, we can see that the vast majority available at each online retailer are the same promotions that originally appeared on Black Friday. Not many new deals have been introduced since Black Friday; Argos and John Lewis have introduced the most, but it is a small number.

Did Prices Drop Further on Cyber Monday?

In the Headphones and Earphones and in the Televisions categories, there are a number of promotions that have been reduced to a lower price since Black Friday. This was particularly true of Headphones and Earphones from John Lewis, and of Televisions from Currys. On all the items that have a deeper promotion today, a shopper would pay 8.4% less than on Black Friday.

It will have been in a shopper’s interest to have waited until today for a better deal in these categories. There is only a very small number of promotions that ended after Black Friday and are not available on Cyber Monday, and a significant number of products have been available at a better deal today. 

Although this is true of the Laptops, Televisions and the more tech-based categories, shoppers looking at items in other categories like Toys and Personal Care Appliances should be wary.  These categories have seen much more noticeable changes in promotion, and deal-seekers who have held out until today to make their purchase may well have lost out. 

Cyber 5 Front Runners

While category leadership pre-Cyber 5 doesn’t guarantee leadership during and post Cyber 5, it is certainly the most favorable position to drive going into the holiday season, especially in light of the increasing number of challenger brands from D2C, digitally native, specialty channel, private label and exclusive brands all surging and chipping away at the market leaders’ share. 

Source: Edge by Ascential Market Share: L12 Category Rankings w/c 10/20

We are tracking online performance of top brands in 18 different categories across the US and UK, including Blenders above, across their respective top category retailers so to spotlight the Cyber 5 Front Runners in the days leading up to Thanksgiving.  We will then have real time coverage during Cyber 5 and will recap the Cyber 5 Finalists afterwards!

Cyber 5 Front Runners: Featured Categories
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Cyber 5 Front Runners: Featured Categories

Check out the Cyber 5 Front Runners in your favorite categories and download the category snapshots and our Digital Commerce 2020 planning guide to help you further jumpstart your brand’s performance in the year.

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