Cyber 5 Favours the Bold: ‘Tis the Season for Digital Shelf Optimization

The Cyber 5 holidays are quickly approaching and as a manufacturer you have been preparing for this lucrative season all year. Whether you are selling televisions, makeup, candy bars or anything in between, it’s crucial to be positioned for success as the busiest shopping time is upon us.

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The Cyber 5 holidays are quickly approaching and as a manufacturer you have been preparing for this lucrative season all year. Whether you are selling televisions, makeup, candy bars or anything in between, it’s crucial to be positioned for success as the busiest shopping time is upon us. 

With that said, it’s time to ensure your Digital Shelf is optimized and your product detail pages are looking their holiday best. Where to start though? Follow these 5 omni-channel strategies to help get your e-commerce portfolio in position to end 2019 with a bang! 

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  • He’s making his (portfolio) list and checking it twice! As we enter the 2019 Cyber 5 holiday season, confirm your list of SKUs selling across retailer sites is up to date. Identify your priority items and on the flip side, what items should not be a focus (e.g. those hot summer SKUs). Monitor all items, with an emphasis on priority, to ensure your online customers a perfectly seamless shopping experience. 
  • Jingle Bell In Stock! Because if you are not, nothing else matters. Availability is always the foundation of any successful ecommerce portfolio, however, during the holidays this is even more so relevant. We live in a world of procrastinators, which holds true for gift shopping as well. If your item is OOS, not eligible for Prime, directing to an unavailable URL and so on – for a customer, the next best option will have to do if it means giving that gift on time. Therefore, do not take availability lightly and ensure your supply chain is ready to handle what’s to come. Utilize forecasting tools to plan and digital shelf monitoring tools to receive alerts on availability changes. 

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  • Joy to Reviews! The majority of shoppers say that reviews influence their buying decisions, including both online and in-store purchases. That’s A LOT of power over A LOT of people. Therefore, ensure your pages are ready! Implement review strategies to ensure volume is high such as syndication tools, Amazon Vine campaigns, PDP variation, or customer incentive programs. Also make sure customer support teams are actively responding to product reviews. 4.2-4.5 stars is the ideal average star rating for purchase probability. Use low star ratings to inform product decisions. Glean insights from review text that can improve PDP content. If reviews for a popular toy have a reoccurring theme of how much their “grandchildren love it!” then use this learning and generate content speaking to an audience of family gift givers such as grandparents.
  • The most wonderful time of the year (for content!) Winning on Content for the holiday season is key for two reasons. First off, optimized content drives visibility in organic search results, which drives traffic, conversion and therefore sales. Ensure keywords are strategically placed across all text-based content (think title, descriptions and bullet points) for your page and don’t forget those hidden keywords if applicable! Do this now to get the flywheel in motion prior to the big season. Secondly, content informs, builds confidence, and ultimately persuades a shopper to make the purchase. Secondary images and Enhanced Content should be complete, informative, and enticing. Have a little fun and throw in some seasonal content to really get your detail pages in the spirit! 
  • Let it Snow, SEO, SEO! High visibility in organic search results should be a year-round goal for your products across any given retailer site. However as with everything else during the holiday season, there is just that much more clutter and distraction making it extra important to be on top of your search game. With any retailer site there will always be factors driving the search algorithm which are difficult to directly influence such as traffic, sales, and conversion. Therefore, it’s crucial to check all the boxes for what you do have power over for digital shelf optimization. Follow the points above; going OOS is a quick way to drop off the first page and it’s not always easy to regain that positioning. Remember, keywords are key! Know your audience and ensure the terms and phrases your customers are searching for are reflected throughout your detail page. Don’t be afraid to get creative here; do what it takes to get to the top.

Happy optimizing!

Cyber 5 Front Runners:

We are tracking online performance of top brands in 12 different categories, including Shampoo above, across their respective 3 leading retailers so to spotlight the Cyber 5 Front Runners in the days leading up to Thanksgiving.  We will then have real time coverage during Cyber 5 and will recap the Cyber 5 Finalists afterwards!

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Cyber 5 Front Runners: Featured Categories
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Cyber 5 Front Runners: Featured Categories

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Article by:
Jessica Brown
Insights Manager, Edge by Ascential
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