French Government Backs COVID-19 Essentials Marketplace

French startup, Mirakl, is launching an online marketplace to source essential products for all stakeholders across the health landscape.         

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French startup Mirakl is pivoting from its work with ecommerce websites to aid the national government in launching an online marketplace under the name of The marketplace will serve to centralize the sourcing of essential products for all stakeholders across the health landscape. Certified manufacturers of items like hand sanitizer, masks and gloves can list their inventory in this central location, with only key public and essential entities allowed to view and procure items, without the need to inquire with multiple suppliers. 

The marketplace is an innovative solution to some of the current inefficiencies in the procurement of high-demand items, helping entities on the front line of the COVID-19 outbreak streamline their processes. Among many other examples of ecommerce expertise being leveraged to fight the virus, Amazon has been moving its Amazon Care system out of beta to serve as the logistics provider for coronavirus home test kits, as the Seattle area looks to better track the spread of the disease. 

As supply chains remain under intense pressure, CPGs must continue to focus on the manufacturing of much-needed items, securing the supply of key raw materials and working with packaging producers to address an emerging neuralgic point. 


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