Walgreens US Adds advance ordering to Drive-Thru Pickup

Walgreens has launched their new service to allow customers to order online and pick up at one of its pharmacy drive-thrus. 

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Walgreens US is streamlining its recently launched ‘on the spot’ drive thru pick up service, now allowing shoppers to order products online for collection from one of its 7,300 pharmacy drive thrus. The curated product range has been expanded to include more than 100 items, including household essentials and health related products, chosen specifically to meet the needs of consumers during the current coronavirus pandemic. 

Initially expanding its product selection to include essentials in March, Walgreens is one of several retailers innovating and adapting operations to meet changing customer needs and provide safe, alternative shopping methods to help promote social distancing. Similar retailer examples include McDonald’s Australia, and Subway offering grocery items for pick up, adding staple food items such as milk and bread to its menus. 

The need for social distancing has driven innovation and additional complexity in online fulfilment methods. The change in shopping habits is likely to have a lasting impact after the current crisis as repetitive points of contact become habit. CPGs should work with retailers to build online visibility as the importance of digital touchpoints increases rapidly, from mobile and websites, to loyalty apps and social platforms. 

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