Walmart US Details Use of AI to Power Express Delivery

Walmart shares details on new Express Delivery service that relies on AI for faster delivery.

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Walmart has revealed details about its new Express Delivery service. Launched as recently as the end of April it promises shoppers delivery of eligible items, including groceries, electronics and toys, within two hours. The service relies on the use of AI to present customers with the fastest achievable delivery slot in real-time according to a range of factors, including the number of items in an order, staffing, availability of delivery vehicles and weather conditions.
Walmart has successfully tested, released and scaled this new service within just two weeks, responding quickly to the accelerated shift to online and increasing consumer expectations for speed and convenience. At the same time, competing retailers have also been investing heavily in delivery capabilities, with Target acquiring same-day delivery tech from Deliv, Amazon US speeding up same-day delivery and Walgreens expanding on-demand delivery to 13 new cities.
With retailers investing in appropriate technology to improve delivery capabilities, brands must work closely with them to identify in-demand items suitable for rapid out-of-store delivery services. Strong content and visibility that will make products stand out on ecommerce platforms is becoming increasingly important as brands must focus on driving online sales to enable inclusion in smaller assortments available for ultra-fast delivery.

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