How Barilla, the world’s leading pasta maker, is optimising ecommerce in China

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Case Study

Barilla is the world’s largest producer of pasta and one of Italy’s top brands, with a powerful brand presence in physical stores around the globe, but when it plunged into the ecommerce world of China in 2016, the landscape looked very different. The traditional model couldn’t be directly replicated to drive the required levels of availability and overall visibility.

Vincent Cheng, Barilla’s Commercial Director in China, said the company was not set up for optimum ecommerce success until it started partnering with Edge by Ascential in 2018.

“In the past year, our ecommerce business has grown tremendously – sales have doubled.  Ecommerce now contributes important part of our business and keep rising ” Vincent said. “The digital shelf solution Edge provide to our teams has been crucial to achieving this growth.”

The first challenge that Barilla encountered in China eCommerce was optimising availability. Time and again, consumers were clicking on links on re-seller sites and finding the underlying product combination no longer existed.

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