2017 saw almost 50% of all Consumer Electronics sales conducted online in the U.S.  By 2022, PlanetRetail RNG estimates that more than 30% of global sales in the category will have moved to the ecommerce channel. Meanwhile, consumer buying trends are leading retailers towards an omnichannel sales strategy: window shopping for high consideration items also moves online while brands get creative with customer experience initiatives and convenience-led purchase models.


How can Consumer Electronics brands ensure their ecommerce strategy works to their competitive advantage in this fast-evolving landscape? Listen to PlanetRetail RNG and Clavis Insight, Ascential PLC sister brands’, two-part webinar series. This series will provide a clear picture of the changing retail landscape for the Consumer Electronics category; and best practices for brands gearing up for the growth opportunity that the ecommerce age offers.


During part 1 on October 4th PlanetRetail RNG’s Ioli Macridi discussed:

  • Latest store-based and ecommerce sales projections for the sector
  • How retailers are turning stores into experiential and social destinations and building on their frictionless strategies to create a more seamless omnichannel shopping experience 
  • The ways retailers and brands are expanding their ecommerce and digital ecosystems through collaborations involving the integration of voice recognition and home assistance devices 
  • Supply chain and fulfillment initiatives that aim to improve operational costs and increase automation 
  • Key omnichannel strategies brands should execute to leverage the ecommerce channel for future growth





Analyst, PlanetRetail RNG

Ioli Macridi