Cyber 5 Finalists: UK Nappy Pants / Diapers & Wipes

The results are in! Congratulations to the Cyber 5 Finalists in the UK Nappy Pants & Baby Wipes category who won the holiday weekend on Amazon.

Cyber 5 Finalists: UK Nappy Pants & Baby Wipes

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The 5 days from Thanksgiving in the US to Cyber Monday are often referred to as the "Cyber 5" and are some of the biggest retail sales days of the year.

While category leadership pre-Cyber 5 doesn’t guarantee leadership during and post Cyber 5, it can serve as a barometer for the holiday season overall, and can serve as a market share launchpad for brands who choose to strategically activate.

We tracked the ecommerce performance of these and other front runners across 17 other consumer goods categories in the days leading up to Thanksgiving and through the Cyber 5 weekend to monitor the defense strategies of the incumbent leaders and the offense strategies of challengers to see who would emerge victorious post-event heading into 2020.  

Source: Edge by Ascential Market Share: Finalist Rankings: 2 Weeks w/c 11/24-12/1

Nappy Pants (a.k.a. Diapers) and Baby Wipes are two categories with high purchase frequency, and so while not holiday destination categories, they do experience some strong lifts during these events driven by competitive online pricing and stock-up deals and promotions. Because of their category penetration and “maturity” online, these retail holiday events do not generally trigger noticeable increases in the post-event category baselines sales, but can be catalysts for individual brands to capture market share.

Cyber 5 weekend 2019 saw some notable shifts in brand rankings. While Pampers and WaterWipes continue to dominate market share, Amazon leveraged Best Deals and Deals of the Day to gain market share and jump to #3 ahead of Huggies going into 2020.

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