Back to School Webcast Recording

Has 2021 marked a return to normalcy for the back to school period?

With the return to schools in the later months of the year comes an increase in sales in a number of key areas. Whether its stocking up on stationary, buying the latest laptop, or getting some appliances for your new university accommadation, consumers have flocked online to purchase a myriad of back to school products this year.

To help you understand how key back to school categories were promoted this year, you can now access the recording of our Back to School webcast, where we broke down what happened during this back to school period.

Head of Market Insights Chris Elliott, Senior Insight Manager Karina Mendoza, Insight Manager Kate Kalas, and Senior Insight Manager Stephanie Demascus discussed:

  • Promotional strategies of manufacturers and retailers for this year
  • Impact of the latest COVID trends on the back to school categories
  • How strategies differed between school and college products

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