Driving Conversion on Amazon with our Digital Commerce Playbook Webcast

Learn best practices and key strategies for winning on Amazon with our EDGE experts Jon and Shazia.

Thank you for showing interest in our Amazon Content Playbook Part 2 webcast. This webcast was initially shown as part of our eCommerce Accelerator programme that took place in May of 2020, and is being shared as part of our Best of 2020 Webcast series. Our Best of 2020 series is a five-week spotlight on some of the most popular and well-reviewed webcasts of the previous year, to give you the opportunity to learn from our team of Edge experts on a variety of digital strategy topics. Check back on the hubpage weekly to access the latest webcast!


What to Expect


With Edge research showing around 2/3rds of shoppers only click on the top 3 search results returned for a search term, winning in eCommerce often starts with winning the battle for search positions. This is especially true of Amazon, where winning on search often starts and ends with your ability to win on content first. In our Amazon Content Playbooks, our experts will dive deep into the tricks and tips that can help you create a winning Amazon content strategy. In the second of this two-part series, you can expect to hear:

  • Availability and how it affects conversion
  • Creating content that converts
  • Mining reviews for insights

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Jon Trevor Speaker
Jon Trevor
Head of Digital Shelf Advisory, EMEA

Jon is a Digital Shelf expert focused on providing actionable insight and advice to help top tier global brands win online through content optimisation, eSEO and media strategy. Jon has 15 years+ experience across the retail industry with roles in Sales, Marketing, digital and consulting at Kantar, Nestle, Dunnhumby, Tesco.com, and Edge by Ascential

Shazia Amin
Senior Insights Manager

Shazia Amin is a Senior Insights Manager at Edge By Ascential, where she provides strategic insights for global programmes. Her expertise ranges from digital marketing and analytics to creating winning strategies to drive online sales. She has a passion to test, learn and create strategies for driving traffic and conversion and has supported reputable brands across the Pharma and FMCG industries including Reckitt Benckiser, Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Sanofi S.A, Kimberly Clarke.

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