Ecommerce KPI setting with our Metrics of The Future Webcast

Learn what digital commerce and omnichannel KPI's and scorecards you should be using with our Edge experts Kelsey and Robert. 

Thank you for showing interest in our Metrics of the Future webcast. This webcast was initially shown as part of our eCommerce Accelerator programme that took place in May of 2020, and is being shared as part of our Best of 2020 Webcast series. Our Best of 2020 series is a five-week spotlight on some of the most popular and well-reviewed webcasts of the previous year, to give you the opportunity to learn from our team of Edge experts on a variety of digital strategy topics. Check back on the hubpage weekly to access the latest webcast!


What to Expect


Understanding priority metrics on the digital shelf and using those to drive business decisions is key to success in a competitive market. But the digital landscape is constantly changing - and that means KPIs may change as well. Discover what the key metrics are today and how they may evolve with the evolution of ecommerce in a popular Edge webcast, presented by Kelsey Regan, North American Senior Manager of Advisory, and Robert Pinon, European Head of Customer Insights. In this webcast you can expect to learn:

  • What the metrics of the present are
  • What changes are happening in the retailer landscape
  • How you can define new priority metrics

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