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Amazon is undoubtedly one of the leading commercial forces in the global marketplace today. As its influence grows, Amazon’s continuous testing, learning, re-strategizing and innovating not only impacts the retailers with whom it competes, but also the brands selling on its platform. Therefore, brands and retailers alike must stay up-to-date with Amazon’s every move.

To make sense of Amazon’s latest news and business developments from the past month and, but more importantly discuss our predictions for the year ahead check out this episode of our recurring Amazon series. Here, our experts Chris and Jack take a look back at 2019 and make their predictions for the year ahead.

  • Review the latest business updates from Amazon over the past month and sum up a year in review looking back at 2019
  • Explore the complexity of Amazon’s ecosystem and its impact on retailers and brands’ ecommerce success
  • Discuss key 2020 predictions for the future of Amazon’s marketplace and the implications for you.

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Jack O'Leary
Jack O'Leary
Senior Analyst, Edge by Ascential

Jack O’Leary is a Senior Analyst for eCommerce Insights at Edge by Ascential. Jack leads the group’s research on Ecommerce & Digital Ecosystems. Jack's insights on retail, technology, and eCommerce have been featured in the New York Times, Business Insider, Retail Touchpoints, Supermarket News, MarketWatch, GQ Australia, and more. He also piloted and runs the Amazon Monthly Briefing, a webcast series where he presents key developments from Amazon with insights and analysis for brands and retailers operating on, or competing with, the platform. Jack received his BS in Finance and Economics from Boston College. 

Chris Perry
Chris Perry
VP, Global Executive Education, Edge by Ascential

Chris Perry, VP of Education at Edge, is on a mission to help empower Leaders of Change — both people and brands — to win in a digital commerce-driven world. As a 10-year FMCG ecommerce practitioner, he led ecommerce across RB, WellPet and Kellogg's driving $350MM+ in sales growth and joint partnerships with Amazon, Walmart and other top retailers.


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Fill out the form below to access the complete infographic below, the on-demand recording and PDF presentation of this most recent Amazon Brief webcast.

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