Store of the Future

The physical store isn’t dead. But its role is changing, and market leaders need to respond accordingly to leverage the “new” store for short and long-term success. Fill out the form below to access a special Retail Insight webcast identifying how the store is evolving and the key capabilities brands and retailers need to win in this new retail environment.

Store of the Future

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The growth of ecommerce and changing consumer expectations, combined with a global decline in new store openings, has fueled sensationalistic headlines predicting the “retail apocalypse” and the death of the high street.

However, even as the squeeze on traditional retailers continues, major investment in physical retail from ecommerce players Amazon and Alibaba shows the format can reinvent itself to still be relevant to consumers. 

Check out our recent special strategy webcast, hosted by Edge by Ascential™ Analyst Ioli Macridi, lead author of our recent flagship Store of the Future Winning Strategy Report who identifies the key capabilities needed to execute well against this evolving landscape and strategic recommendations:

  • Retailers wishing to understand how technology will enable the physical and online shopping experience, and what the key capabilities are to execute against this strategy.
  • Brands wishing to understand how to exploit new technologies, help retailers create experiences, and align themselves with retailer strategy to remain relevant.

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This is a complimentary webcast series.

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Ioli Macridi
Ioli Macridi
Analyst at Edge by Ascential
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