Find Your Next Growth Opportunity with Retail Market Monitor

Which markets, channels and retailers should your business prioritize for 2020 and beyond? Check out our recent special edition Retail Insight webcast highlighting the key market data you can leverage to make these critical go-to-market decisions.

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Retail Market Monitor, from Edge by Ascential™ is your next generation data platform to help you identify and prioritize growth opportunities by analyzing which markets, channels, retailers and business models are gaining momentum.

In this special edition webcast, Edge by Ascential™ Retail Analyst Florence Wright

  • Gives you a guided navigation of the Retail Market Monitor, showcasing the data and insight you can access through the platform
  • Explains how to access, edit and download key data visualizations and insight from pre-built dashboards and quick views
  • Shows you how to run your own ad-hoc reports through a few common use-cases such as the top retailers within your market, and the key channels to prioritize for growth 

This webcast is essential viewing for Key Account Managers, leaders working in Strategy & Insights roles and anyone within the ecommerce community looking for the data and insights to support future account planning, investments, go-to-market strategies and ecommerce partnership prioritization.  

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This is a complimentary webcast series.

To learn how Edge by Ascential™ Retail Market Monitor and our other Retail Insight solutions can help inform your go-to-market plans for 2020 and beyond, arrange a call with one of our data experts today by contacting

Florence Wright
Florence Wright
Retail Analyst, Edge by Ascential
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