Adapting To A Changing Store

COVID-19 has forced some dramatic changes at the checkout, in the aisle, and of the layout, but the pandemic has predominantly accelerated trends already in progress. Whether you support store infrastructure and operations, make brands that sit on the shelves, or operate stores yourself, prepare your business to keep pace with a store in evolution. 

Watch webcast

Download our latest webcast hosted by our Retail Insight analyst team as they share how store design and operations have been influenced by COVID-19, the changes they expect from store operators over the next year, and what long-term impact these adaptations will have on the Store of the Future. Questions answered include:

  • How has COVID-19 impacted store opening and remodeling plans?
  • How have shopper missions and behavior changed? 
  • How are key elements of the store, including checkout, service counters, center store aisles, and merchandising, impacted by the pandemic?
  • Which changes to store design will persist?
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