The Opportunity of Global Ecommerce Growth

Worldwide ecommerce sales reached $2.65 trillion in 2020 and are expected to almost double to $4.7 trillion by 2025 and global ecommerce has quickly become the fastest-growing channel in retail.

We have put together a series of blogs that will be released in the coming weeks which take a look at how brands and retailers are adapting to this shift to ecommerce. You will find each of these as they are released in this hubpage!

The Opportunity of Global Ecommerce Growth
Why the worlds biggest brands and retailers are digital led

The Opportunity of Global Ecommerce Growth

With ecommerce representing the biggest opportunity for global growth in the coming years, understanding how both retailers and brands have been reacting to this provides key insights into some of the adjustments CPGs can make to maximise their growth during this time.

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CPG Brands

How leading CPG brands are increasing market share by focusing online

Already the fastest-growing channel, soaring demand for online groceries outstripped supply during the recent pandemic as home-based consumers flocked online. It has remained high as customers recognise the convenience of online shopping.

In order to succeed online, brands need to partner closely with retailers to really understand how the channel works. Performances online do not necessarily mirror the offline environment. Sometimes smaller brands can find a niche to succeed online, meanwhile larger brands must ensure that they engage fully in the channel, set goals and measure success.

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Worlds Biggest Retailers are digital-led
What does this mean for brands?

Why the world's biggest retailers are increasingly digital-led


The biggest opportunity in retail, right now, is harnessing the huge global growth of ecommerce.

Already the fastest-growing channel in retail, many markets experienced five years worth of growth in just a few short months last year as home-based consumers flocked online. 

Access this blog now to find out more about how retail is responding to the growth of ecommerce

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