Join us on Thursday, January 31, as we kick off 2019 with our monthly Amazon webcast, examining Amazon’s latest tactics and developments for the month of January. 


This webcast will allow participants to:

  • Stay ahead of Amazon’s latest strategic moves
  • Get latest opinion on monthly developments
  • Hear the implications for retailers and suppliers
  • Understand the future direction of the Amazon marketplace 
  • Learn how to sell your own brand on Amazon
  • Examine the factors influencing Amazon’s rapid growth in certain markets


Why Attend

  • Understand how Amazon’s latest strategic moves will impact retailers and consumer goods manufacturers
  • As a supplier, enact strategies to monitor your brand presence on Amazon and see how 3P sellers are affecting this  
  • Explore Amazon’s emerging business models disrupting the chain retail landscape
  • Grasp how ecommerce marketplaces are providing new platforms where retailers and brands transact, fragmenting shopper destinations and fulfillment requirements
  • Analyze the leadership decisions traditional retailers will be faced with in response to Amazon’s rapid expansion
  • Recognize the distinction between physical and digital retail as online and offline worlds converge to drive seamless shopping experiences


Who Should Attend

  • This webcast is designed for individuals whose business is impacted by Amazon’s latest moves and innovations.


This is a complimentary webcast.


Senior Analyst, Edge by Ascential

Jack O'Leary