Date: Wednesday, February 27th | Time: 10:30AM EST


Join us on Wednesday, February 27, for our monthly Amazon webcast, examining Amazon’s latest tactics and developments for the month of February. 

This webcast will allow participants to:

  • Stay ahead of Amazon’s latest strategic moves
  • Get our latest opinion on monthly developments
  • Hear the implications for retailers and suppliers
  • Understand the future direction of the Amazon marketplace 
  • Learn how to sell your own brand on Amazon
  • Examine the factors influencing Amazon’s rapid growth in certain markets

Why Attend

  • Understand how Amazon’s latest strategic moves will impact retailers and consumer goods manufacturers
  • As a supplier, enact strategies to monitor your brand presence on Amazon and see how 3P sellers are affecting this  
  • Explore Amazon’s emerging business models disrupting the chain retail landscape
  • Grasp how ecommerce marketplaces are providing new platforms where retailers and brands transact, fragmenting shopper destinations and fulfillment requirements
  • Analyze the leadership decisions traditional retailers will be faced with in response to Amazon’s rapid expansion
  • Recognize the distinction between physical and digital retail as online and offline worlds converge to drive seamless shopping experiences

Who Should Attend

  • This webcast is designed for individuals whose business is impacted by Amazon’s latest moves and innovations.

This is a complimentary webcast.

Senior Analyst, Edge by Ascential

Jack O'Leary