Grow Faster Than Your Category and Competitors

Knowing how you compare to your competitors is the crucial first step in any retail strategy. Our Market Share solution enables you to do just that by helping you monitor your Amazon sales and share performance in relation to your competitors – helping you understand exactly what is and isn’t working in your strategy.

Edge by Ascential Market Share not only provides some of the most accurate sales, share, traffic and conversion data – and more – in major Amazon markets across the globe, but also the drivers of the market share. Our Market Share solution provides data down to the ASIN level, so you know exactly which Product Detail Pages to focus on first. 


What Makes Up Market Share


Competitive Sales and Share Performance for Amazon

Actionable insights – not just data. Our weekly reports help you focus on maximizing your Amazon growth instead of sorting through the data by enabling you to:

  • Measure category/competitive share
  • Identify competitive sales trends and potential opportunities
  • Analyze category strengths/weaknesses and competitive opportunities/threats
  • Benchmark vs. competition with your own custom catalog 

Third-Party Sales and Share Impact for Amazon

Our data enables you to understand the overall impact of 3P sellers on your Amazon business so that you can:

  • Measure 3P sales and share for your category
  • Identify Lost Buy Box (LBB) problems due to out-of-stock periods
  • Pinpoint and track what products are being sold
  • Address non-authorized 3P Sellers

Traffic and Conversion for Amazon

Traffic and Conversion for Amazon matches your custom catalog with your brick & mortar tracking, so that you can:

  • Visualize your SKU-level traffic and conversion
  • Analyze ROI of AMG and AMS programs, by tracking traffic patterns around your digital campaigns
  • Understand item-level impact of SEO and other Digital Shelf efforts
  • Identify best performing conversion strategies

Promo Track for Amazon

Know which of your promotions are most effective. We help you track all promotions – from coupons to Lightning deals — by you and your competitors.

  • Measure your own and competitors’ promotional sales lift
  • Optimize the frequency, discount level and timing of your promotions
  • Analyze most effective discount levels

Search Engine Optimization for Amazon

Understand which search terms are being leveraged by your competition, and whether your products are missing out on sales due to inadequate keyword strategy.

  • Identify and implement most-used search terms
  • Build SKU-level content strategy optimized for SEO
  • Ensure optimal traffic through search term trends analytics
  • Optimize detail page content for search

Learn More About Our Solutions To Help You Win In An Ecommerce-Driven World

Edge by Ascential gives global brands the edge they need to win in ecommerce-driven retail by providing actionable, next-generation data, analytics, insights and strategic consulting. Our unparalleled suite of solutions -  including Market Share, Digital Shelf, Price & Promotions and Retail Insights - enables brands and retailers to develop and implement strategies that maximize revenue growth; optimize product listings; increase sales faster than the category and the competition; and drive margin growth. More than 600 global brands and retailers depend upon our weekly, daily and real-time data-driven insights.


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