Edge by Ascential Market Share

Grow faster than your category and competitors

Knowing how you compare to your competitors is the crucial first step in any retail strategy. Our Market Share solution enables you to do just that by helping you monitor your Amazon sales and share performance in relation to your competitors – helping you understand exactly what is and isn’t working in your strategy.


Edge by Ascential Market Share not only provides some of the most accurate sales, share, traffic and conversion data – and more – in major Amazon markets across the globe, but also the drivers of the market share. Our Market Share solution is built from ASIN level up, meaning that our calculations are specific to you and your business, giving you the insight you need to succeed on Amazon. 


Introducing Edge by Ascential



The Definitive Ecommerce Solution


“Edge by Ascential clients are provided with a holistic view of their sales compared to the wider market and a clear plan of action to increase their performance— and drive their sales faster and further, wherever their customers may be.” Boren Novakovic – EVP of Edge by Ascential


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With foundational elements from Brand View, Clavis Insight, One Click Retail and PlanetRetail RNG, Edge by Ascential™ provides its customers with some of the industry’s most comprehensive and actionable ecommerce-driven data, insights and advisory solutions to measure performance and drive sales.