Strategies that will maximize revenue growth

Our Retail Insight help you devise a strategy around what ecommerce metrics you can leverage to maximize your revenue by helping you answer the question:

“What strategies will maximize my revenue growth?”

Ecommerce allows you to keep track of various metrics across positioning, placement, pricing, product, promotion and performance. As a manufacturer, you want to understand how to manipulate each of these metrics to your advantage and in response to the latest developments in industries relevant to you.

With Edge Retail Insight, you will have access to a digital distribution platform for our industry-leading market, retailer, channel & innovation reports. These reports provide you with readily actionable strategies.

Our Retail Insight solution features:

  • A digital distribution platform for industry-leading market, retailer, channel & innovation reports, crafted by teams of industry veterans & data scientists
  • Reporting on both ecommerce & omnichannel, following our proprietary STEIP (Society, Technology, Economy, Industry, Policy) framework
  • Topics including ecommerce & the digital ecosystem, next gen fulfilment, and shopper engagement & retention.
  • New content published daily, weekly, monthly & quarterly

Introducing Edge by Ascential

The Definitive Ecommerce Solution

“Edge clients are provided with a holistic view of their sales compared to the wider market and a clear plan of action to increase their performance— and drive their sales faster and further, wherever their customers may be.” Boren Novakovic – EVP at Edge

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With foundational elements from Brand View, Clavis Insight, One Click Retail and PlanetRetail RNG, Edge by Ascential™ provides its customers with some of the industry’s most comprehensive and actionable ecommerce-driven data, insights and advisory solutions to measure performance and drive sales.