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Edge by Ascential’s report provides guidance on where to focus and how to win by working with Alibaba, highlighting the opportunities created by Alibaba’.

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Alibaba, the world’s largest retailer and one of the world’s fastest-growing and most innovative companies, plans to become completely global by 2036, with a reach and impact on all markets that will fundamentally alter the retail world.

At the Vivatech conference in Paris in May this year, Alibaba’s founder Jack Ma laid out his company’s ambitions: “In 2036 Alibaba wants to have achieved the build-up of a digital economy that empowers, that can help create 100 million jobs, that can serve two billion consumers around the world and can create and support more than 10 million businesses to be profitable on our own platform,” he said. “We are only interested in these five things: global buy, global sell, global pay, global delivery and global travel for all.”

Alibaba’s sales in 2018 totaled US$427 billion and the company not only dominates the ecommerce and associated markets in China but is also making inroads into other markets. Alibaba’s digital ecosystem is one of the widest and deepest in the world, with recent emphasis on online-to-offline (O2O) retail reaching consumers in physical environments. The Alibaba Group covers online sales, logistics and distribution and data-driven advertising.  The Group takes an aggressive approach to technology and innovation.

For brands seeking access to China and other markets in APAC, including Southeast Asia, aligning strategies, resources and investment with Alibaba’s platforms is a winning approach. The Edge by Ascential™ Retail Insights team’s recent report on Alibaba has practical and actionable insights for brands hoping to ride with Alibaba through 2036 and beyond.


Edge by Ascentials report provides guidance on where to focus and how to win by working with Alibaba, highlighting the opportunities created by Alibaba’s plans to:

  • Push further into online-to-offline growth
  • Grow sales and acquire new customers in rural China
  • Dominate cross-border trade between China and other parts of the world
  • Become a technology service platform


The report, part of the Edge Retail Insight solution, explains how to better engage with shoppers through Alibaba’s platforms and how to prioritize, monitor and manage ties to Alibaba holdings.

Our report also provides tips on integrating with the social elements of Alibaba’s shopping apps, engaging with Alibaba’s tech initiatives for partnership-building and sales volume and much more.

To learn how Edge by Ascential™ can help you optimise your performance on Alibaba, arrange a call today with one of our Data and Insights experts, and we will send you the full 40-plus page Alibaba Insight report as a thank you!


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