In our Rakuten Pureplay Retailer Report Summary, we examine the latest initiatives and developments taking place in the growing 3P marketplace and share recommendations for brands wanting to capture Rakuten’s explosive growth over the coming years.

Rakuten is expected to add over $10.9 billion in sales by 2023

Rakuten, Japan's largest ecommerce player, operates 70+ businesses that span ecommerce, digital content, communications and FinTech, reaching more than 1.2 billion members around the world. Rakuten’s sales are primarily concentrated in Japan, but other markets are growing rapidly – especially its largest international market i.e. US, which is forecasted to grow the fastest at 9.0%.


Source: RMM, Edge by Ascential Retail Insight 2019


Rakuten is the 8th largest ecommerce player in the world, and the largest in Japan

Globally, Rakuten competes with other large marketplaces from around the world including Alibaba and Amazon, but still significantly trails them by scale. Rakuten has made several investments to compete better internationally, particularly in supply chain and delivery logistics. It’s moving towards a “Fulfillment by Amazon” model, where it will manage 3rd party inventory and delivery for sellers. 

Source: RMM, Edge by Ascential Retail Insight 2019


Looking for the full, 30-plus page Rakuten Pureplay Retailer Report?

Coverage includes:

  • Forecasts outlining Rakuten’s expected growth potential and the actions global CPGs need to take to capture this expected growth
  • Competitive market dynamics breakdown, both globally and in Japan, showing Rakuten’s current positioning and its expected rank among ecommerce operators in the next five years
  • What makes Rakuten’s 3P marketplace unique from most western marketplaces
  • Rakuten’s prioritized areas for growth, such as improving delivery logistics, expanding cross-border trade, and bolstering their expertise in innovative fields like IoT, big data and AI
  • Recommendations for CPGs strategies in consumer electronics and key consumables sectors, such as food & beverage, health, beauty etc. 


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