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Leading grocery retailers are embracing ecommerce

Walmart remains by far the largest grocery retailer in the world, with net sales exceeding those of the next four biggest retailers combined. Leading grocery retailers are already making the most of the online shift by actively developing their ecommerce offerings and strategizing fulfillment options.


Source: RMM, Edge by Ascential Retail Insight 2019

High potential for ecommerce growth in edible grocery

Grocery has been relatively slow to shift online. Compared with other product categories, edible grocery (made up of food and beverages) is currently less reliant on online sales, with 4% of sales made up of ecommerce vs the category average of 23%.

The low ecommerce penetration within the category means high potential for future growth, with an online sales CAGR of 13% over the next five years. Given edible grocery’s relative size (more than twice the size of the next largest category), this ecommerce outlook is significant for brands and retailers in the sector to tap into.


Source: Edge by Ascential Retail Insight, 2019 *Size of bubble represents total annual category sales for 2018


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  • Strategies of world’s leading grocery retailers to make the most of the digital shift and actively develop their ecommerce offerings
  • Retailers creating unique experiences and food-service offerings to attract shoppers interested in visiting destination stores

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